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causes of too high alkalinity of boiler water

The measures to promote energy conservation of horizontal causes of too high alkalinity of boiler water

With the rapid construction of the energy saving and environment-friendly society, the environment protection awareness become more and more penetrated into various industries. The energy saving matter of the horizontal boiler which offer heat power for industrial production also draw the government’s attention.

Industrial causes of too high alkalinity of boiler waters is a major driving force for social development, but also brought great pressure on the environment. Whether coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, or, when the supply of energy, the emission of pollutants will soot and nitrogen oxides. Some enterprises in order to save costs, the pursuit of more profits, but also allowed to change the fuel, biomass boilers burning coal steal, wood, and even garbage doping or other industrial waste, produce dioxins and other carcinogens directly into the atmosphere after combustion, pushing PM2.5 concentrations.

Since started Blue Sky Battle horn Guangdong Province, many cities have begun to respond positively, Dongguan City, is one of them. Atmospheric do in-depth business thoroughly, and the development of industrial boilers business accounting, confirming the city's need to eliminate highly polluting boilers have 765 units, of which 728 sets of biomass boilers, 37 coal-fired boilers. Subsequently, promote the transformation of facilities operations out of high pollution boilers within the city.

As of May 14, 2019, the city's 324 enterprises active removal of 363 coal-fired boilers burning biomass, as well as 83 to 84 companies demolition of the old boiler pipes, 447 completed phase-out plan of the boiler in advance.

Although there are many companies take the initiative to carry the main responsibility for the ecological environment, but there are still some chances enterprise.

Atmospheric Office official admitted that "in the daily inspection, the company found that some still illegal use of boilers, perfunctory 'coal to gas' work." Among them, although some enterprises written off coal, biomass fired boilers, but because of natural gas boiler installation behind schedule, forced production needs, but to let the old boiler continues posts. There are companies more "capricious", install two-way pipeline for new and old boilers, strict supervision when using gas-fired, law enforcement officers continue to take a coal burning biomass. There are even companies deliberately delayed "from coal to gas," progress, choose to enable the original write-off of the boiler.

This year, the Office of Atmospheric inspection personnel to go to 244 companies in the field to check the boiler usage, found that 42 enterprises there is illegal use of boiler problems. Among them, there are 18 companies of illegal use of biomass boilers has been canceled. "Not only pollute the atmosphere, there are still significant safety risks." Atmospheric Office inspection personnel Lurui Quan said, "the city's coal-fired, burning biomass boilers as well as 113 units, involving 94 companies, is expected to complete phase-out year, access to clean energy. "simple behind the data, there is a thick ledger out of the transformation of the boiler," when removed, when write-off, out of a pin number one glance. "

Atmospheric Office official also said the recent city towns Street (Park) Atmospheric Office will carry out investigation and remediation special action has been canceled boiler, supervise and guide enterprises to demolish the old boilers and pipes, put an end to "note not sell" phenomenon. At the same time, urge enterprises will have been dismantled boiler dedicated to the sale of scrap recycling company, effective way to solve the old boiler, complete eradication of pollution and safety hazards.

The kind of winter heating causes of too high alkalinity of boiler water heating boiler with a number of related questions: boiler, which in the winter, heating is carried out, it will be used mainly to a heating boiler This, then, is quite good with hot water boiler steam boiler? And, on the boiler, what difficult problems need to be solved? These issues are on the boiler, and also we need to know, so the following immediately to give a specific answer, so that we learn through to clear. 1. In the winter heating boiler heating, hot water boiler is relatively good, or steam boiler is better? This, then, appears in the box boiler, hot water boiler should be better, the specific reasons for it, is as follows: If a steam boiler, then, but also the hot steam into hot water, so in order to carry out heating.

You have to know the causes of too high alkalinity of boiler water energy consumption (power consumption of the furnace water pump, gasoline consumption) 1, unreasonable problems for Boiler pump operating mode of the Pump 1.1. 1.2 furnace low pump efficiency. 1.3 furnace to increase pump output is insufficient to run the pump. 2, the measures to solve the problem of controlling the furnace 2.1.1 2.1 operational measures cooling water temperature and a low pressure cooling water flow pump motor within a predetermined range. 2.1.2 strict monitoring pump out the furnace inlet pressure. 2.1.3 two sets of pump operation furnace, a spare. 2.1.4 monitor and adjust the drum water level, due to the low water level in the drum to prevent the furnace pump is not working properly vibration. 2.1.5 increase pressure drum or appropriate to reduce the water temperature to remove the furnace pump import vaporization. 2.2 Experimental 2.2.1 Maintenance and test in accordance with the relevant requirements, in strict accordance with the Pump two sets, a spare troubleshooting program to operate and maintain. 2.3 2.3.1 downtime filters, coolers, filters disintegration of inspection cleaning. 2.3.2 eliminate the Pump system leakage defects. 2.3.3 furnace insulation inspection pump motor. 2.4 2.4.1 furnace transformation pump outlet check valve disintegration eliminating defects. 2.4.2 furnace pump impeller cavitation wear inspection eliminating defects. 2.4.3 radial bearings, thrust bearings eliminating defects inspection, measurement gap adjustment. 2.4.4 motor installed within the magnetic filter. 2.4.5 Pump stator coil furnace inspection, the conductive head replacement. 2.4.6 measurement adjusting the gap between the impeller and the bottom of the pump motor flange.

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