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ce approved brown coal hot water szl boiler

Stanley Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sale of fertilizer and other agricultural technology promotion of integrated services provider, has total assets of 6.3 billion yuan, more than 8,000 employees, annual production capacity of 5.2 million tons. Earlier this year, fast Boiler stand out in many ce approved brown coal hot water szl boiler brand competition, and Stanley reached a cooperation, to provide a whole 10 tons of steam condensing steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q), provide support for the heat Stanley fertilizer plant.

The method of adjusting the temperature of the superheated steam heating stove have? The method of adjusting the temperature of the superheated steam heating stove have? DC ce approved brown coal hot water szl boiler steam temperature is mainly adjusted by adjusting the quantity of fuel to water. In actual operation, because the efficiency of boiler feed water and fuel heat enthalpy (depends on the water temperature) and the like will change, so the actual boiler operation to ensure the water-fuel ratio of the exact value is not easy. Coal-fired furnace will fluctuate because of the amount of coal and the amount of fuel due to the steam temperature. So, except DC boiler fuel to water ratio as the coarse adjustment means, but also must be used as a method of spray desuperheater means of fine-tuning adjustment. There is also some boiler flue gas recirculation, dampers and methods of the swing center of the flame as an auxiliary adjusting device.

Gas Steam Boiler non-normal stall, a phenomenon and treatment, flame reasons: 1, the operation of the auxiliary power supply or trip interruption. 2, ce approved brown coal hot water szl boiler combustion instability. 3, the load is too low, so that the load sharply mill automatic ignition energy loss or failure of combustion. 4, mutant coal, coal volatile or low calorific value. 5, the automatic combustion flame detector failure or failure caused by tripping mill. 6, or blast furnace wall tubes serious improper boiler soot-blowing operation, a large amount of water vapor into the combustion chamber. 7, coal pulverizing system, fuel system failure, resulting in a significant amount of fuel reduction or interruption. Or with a large amount of water in the fuel oil gun blocked too many impurities, low pressure steam or atomized. Second, the phenomenon: 1, a significant increase in furnace pressure, furnace flame monitoring flameless CRT display. See the fire no fire hole, BTG warning window MFT warning lights. 2, the unit load decrease, the steam flow drops rapidly, each segment working medium temperature, the vapor pressure decreases, the value of oxygen surge. Third, the method of treatment: 1, if the MFT tripping protection, should an emergency shutdown processing, stop the supply of fuel. 2, identify the cause flameout, and try to eliminate, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the boiler, after confirming the device properly, can restart. How early circulating fluidized bed boiler ignition achieve the protection of reheaters? Fire causes of valve failure chemical industry regulation and Countermeasures bearing parts heat treated high boiler common defects due to low bypass the security gate and reheaters failure phenomenon and treatment of condensate pump turbine worm gear failure cause analysis and improvement measures in the pneumatic valve powder operating system instructions on how to implement.

Green space to install the ce approved brown coal hot water szl boiler needs to meet what conditions environmental protection boiler room should generally be set separately, but can not be located in crowded places. Should be a boiler room, two building fire resistance rating, and not the total coal-fired boiler given evaporation amount of not more than 4 tons per hour fire resistance rating of the building can be three, it should be noted that the chimney and the roof structure of combustible the distance between, not less than 5O cm. Environmental protection boiler room should select leeward or downwind side in the main building. It may be determined and the spacing between the fire around flammable, hazardous buildings, and the coal pile and boiler room, boiler room and oil tank in accordance with the relevant provisions reserves "architectural design for fire protection" is performed. Environmental protection boiler room should be used generally should not exceed 12O kilograms per square meter of roof light area for relief. When the boiler room is arranged as a multilayer, each layer should have both at least one outlet, and the layers have direct security staircases point operation. Leading to the boiler room doors should open outwards outdoor, studio or living room door of the boiler should be open, all entrances and channels should be kept open. However, with the adjoining boiler room regulator, separated by a firewall application, its windows and doors should open outwards, and not leading directly to the boiler room. Environmental slag location to select the appropriate venue, surrounded by the best masonry walls. In the range of 25 meters around the boiler room, not allowed to build buildings or flammable combustible materials piled up. Environmental boiler power lines should be used metal sleeve or cable, not laid along the surface of the heating medium, nor by the coal yard. Indoor prohibit stacking combustible materials. Environmental chamber should be provided with fire boiler water supply equipment, fire suppression systems, fire suppression equipment, and the like according to need.

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