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In the near future, at home and abroad more than hazardous chemicals, major accidents have occurred, causing casualties and property losses. Is a profound lesson, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will co-Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on alternative transformation of the province's coal-fired power business major hazard (liquid ammonia tank)" and actively promote the province's power industry ammonia tank alternative transformation.

"National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board to implement the views on the promotion of electricity reform and development of the field of safety of" clearly "to strengthen the major hazards source control, there are significant hazards during the production of coal-fired power generation enterprises should study the implementation of major hazards alternative rehabilitation programs. " Henan Province TV as fire, liquid ammonia tank safety risk management and control situation is grim. To actively implement the "opinions" requirements, Henan Energy Regulatory Office investigation and carefully combing the province's power industry the basic situation of major hazards, and actively carry out reconstruction work research initiative to communicate the situation with the Office of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial emergency management, efforts to promote reconstruction work as soon as possible. "Notice" requirement province of the power generation enterprises should further enhance political stance, overcome difficulties, vigorously promote the major hazard (liquid ammonia tank) and Improvement, under the premise to ensure safe production, the province's coal-fired generating units and strive to 2020 in liquid ammonia tank renovation completed before the end of December. New coal-fired power generation projects should all use the technical route no major hazard.

Next, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will replace liquid ammonia around the transformation as an important safety regulation. For failure to complete the transformation of liquid ammonia replacement power companies, to be included in the list of key regulatory target, for there are significant risks or accidents in accordance with regulations to be strictly punished according to law, and urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility to effectively prevent accidents, efforts to increase intrinsic safety level of the enterprise.

Water tube cfb boiler basic designs can also be used for domestic hot water supply, such as hotel bathing hot water. It can also be used in industrial hot water supply.

Circulating fluidized bed combustion cfb boiler basic design is the abbreviation for the boilers with boiling combustion and it is a new type burning device developed since 80s in 20th century. The fuel for this boiler is widely available.

Gas hot water cfb boiler basic design pump installation step 1, while checking the four sides of the center point of the base of the pump shown and vertical and horizontal lines on the basis of the pump installation. 2, the hoisting ropes when lifting bail based on the pump and motor to adjust the position of the base, so that the center point coincides with the center line on the base on the base. 3, the horizontal adjustment, the horizontal foot on the working surface of the pump chassis, adjust the level of the pump, the level of which shall not exceed 0.1mm / m. 4, a three-valve pump, i.e. the pump inlet valve and a check valve should be fitted, with an outlet valve. 5, gas hot water boiler pump inlet and outlet pipe connections are mostly flexible, inlet and outlet installation of soft joints. 6, water pump export pipeline smaller than 1, provided with adjustable shorting should export. 7, the horizontal section of the suction pipe connected to the pump, there should be 0.01-0.02 slope, and in the highest parts of the boiler pump suction pipe.

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