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Condensing gas cfb boiler steam drums advantage condensing boiler modules commonly used modular design, then condensing gas boiler module What are the benefits of it? 1, condensing gas furnace module small volume, no backup boiler, save space, improve space efficiency condensing gas furnace each module modules operate independently, when a single failure does not affect the overall operation of the system without backup boiler, small footprint, it can be installed in the basement and other small devices, reducing investment costs and improve boiler room space utilization. The high cost of land in the downtown commercial area, as guesthouses, hotels, office buildings, units of the corresponding organs to save floor space, save more land investment and boiler room construction costs. 2, energy-efficient condensing gas module, operating cost savings gas furnace with condensed condensation module principle, the proportion of high-performance combustion system, a proportional solenoid gas valve, automatic adjustment function, save gas, the thermal efficiency of up to 98%. Heating an area of ​​5,000 square feet, for example, hotels and 200 rooms, one quarter heating not only can save heating costs about 11,000 yuan, but also save the cost of hot water around the 8000-12000 yuan, this alone saves 20,000 yuan about gas costs, reflecting the economic benefits of condensing gas furnace module save gas energy. 3, enabling unattended, greatly reducing management costs and wages in the modern system of social management, the impact of cost factors can not be ignored is that management and workers' wage costs. Advanced furnace equipment module condensing gas proportional solenoid gas valve, according to the actual heat supply automatically adjusts the output power, the gas pressure switch real-time monitoring the supply pressure, the secondary combustion gas valve time monitoring security systems to ensure safe and reliable. 4, condensing gas furnace module procedure is simple and convenient, does not require registration and annual inspection security audit. Condensing gas furnace module using 2000bar standards for municipal low pressure natural gas without building an independent regulator station, hydraulic systems during operation in addition to normal pressure is always in a state loop, but also with multiple comprehensive security protection, safe, reliable, simple and convenient procedure, You do not need security record. 5, climate compensation module boiler, energy-saving and comfortable. Gas boiler in the heating season outdoor temperature varies from month to month, the same day the outdoor temperature is different at different times of the heat demand of the building will vary widely. Smart central controller with an indoor temperature sensor and a water temperature sensor, real-time collection and heating the indoor ambient temperature signal, automatically calculates the optimum water temperature, and controlling the number of modules put into operation, while maintaining room temperature stability, saves fuel, significantly lower operating costs. 6, gas condensing boiler system independent circulation, reduce fouling, eliminating the need for post-maintenance costs. Condensing gas furnace module long life, easy installation, low power consumption, easy capacity expansion flexibility and other advantages, not only reflects the small size, low cost, energy-efficient features, but also to maximize use and from the pre-post-maintenance We are saving input costs and operating costs.

ZG provided two WNS series steam cfb boiler steam drums for its production base. This type of WNS horizontal steam boiler adopts a large-area combustion chamber design to make combustion more fully, and adopts an advanced wave furnace structure, which increases the heat transfer area while satisfying the free expansion of the furnace after it is heated. The burner with good self-control performance is configured to achieve maximum automation. Fully in line with the needs of future production in the local textile mill for the production of steam supply.also the horizontal boiler has such as easy operation, high output, clean compusation and so on.

There are a few big happy event in life, conclude, than the following: drought every winter rains, foreign land refresher, the wedding night, pass the examination, as well as being hit Awards. In March this year, planned by the fast Boiler Group hosted the second session of the cfb boiler steam drum room] [best photo contest Huobian country! Fans actively participate in activities perfect ending. Gain a lot of excellent photographs, the Group established a review panel for the competition each photo a rigorous review, and ultimately selected a first prize, two second prize, third prize 3. In addition, the panel of judges based on the results of online voting to elect Choice Award six.

What are the important parameters of the hot water cfb boiler steam drum? What are the differences between pressurized and atmospheric hot water boilers?

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