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Beginning of winter is over, the whole city of Tianjin into the heating season. To protect the normal operation of the boiler for heating, Market Authority Wuqing District of heating boilers launched special safety checks to ensure that the boiler use foolproof.

District Supervisor Bureau in-depth understanding of Xintai heating station, heating station and peace in the State Central heating stations, boilers whether to register for the use of the boiler and its safety accessories, combustible gas alarm is within the test period, fireman job Are personnel certificates, if the boiler water through a rigorous inspection process and other aspects. Check the site also records the boiler operation, safety management systems, development and implementation of contingency plans to view, focus your heating boilers meets the requirements of the region's policy "ban on coal zone".

Next, Wuqing District will continue to monitor the safety inspection of heating boilers used as a focus for specific problems, increase the inspection frequency and law enforcement, to protect the safe operation of heating boilers Wuqing District.

Market Authority has in-depth Xintai district heating stations, heating stations and peace in the State Central heating station, focus on checking whether the boiler for the use of registration, boiler and safety accessories, combustible gas alarm is within the test period, fireman whether the worker certificates, if the boiler water after treatment. They also view the site log boiler, the development and implementation of safety management systems, emergency plans, and focus your heating boilers meets the requirements of the region's policy "ban on coal zone". At the same time law enforcement officers required to strictly implement the main responsibility for the safety of special equipment, strengthen emergency duty, special equipment to ensure safe operation. Up to now, law enforcement officers were deployed more than 20 times to check heating boiler unit five times, involving 22 sets of heating boilers, found 10 safety problems, has urged the relevant corrective actions. Next, the council will continue to put safety inspection of heating boilers as a priority, and focus point for the problem, increasing the frequency of inspection and enforcement, to protect the region's heating boiler safe operation.

ZG has been making boilers for 70 years. Today, almost 20% of utility CFB boilers of about 10MW installed or under construction incorporate ZG CFB boiler technology.

Boiler maintenance matters should be noted that long-term use can to get the boiler, then they would have to start from everyday life, to do its maintenance work is very important, but in the course of its maintenance also need to pay attention, here we give Things to consider when it describes the following maintenance: a, regular checks and maintenance 1, if long accustomed to ignore minor problems boiler, it is likely there are serious security problems, by then more harm than good. 2, check is divided into two inner and outer portions, wherein special attention should be corroded steel weld and, if it is found necessary to promptly repaired. 3, the use of a boiler, a few weeks should be checked once every, every few months to maintain a comprehensive inspection. Second, the machine conservation housing 1, a simple way to anti-corrosion paint is coated boilers, this shortcut will not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the boiler, but also reduce the probability of the risk of security incidents. 2, a shell boiler is mostly made of metal, they must pay attention to keep dry, it should be particularly noted that the plane of the bottom of the boiler requirements better kept dry. 3, once the moisture is easy to be damaged, damage to the housing after only affect the insulation effect, and more seriously worse affect its safety. Third, the correct way to use a local boiler maintenance of the law and many need to pay attention a lot, though it itself does not pose any safety problems, but the wrong use may also cause a lot of problems. 2, boiler house if long-term use does not require more maintenance, deactivation can be taken within a month of wet maintenance of law, but more than a month will dry maintenance method. 3, so no matter what method the consumer, as long as the full attention and follow the steps, allow us to more long-term use of the boiler. Do maintenance work not only to maintain the boiler equipment has remained in effect running a high energy state, it can also extend the service life, do regular checks and maintenance work, good housing protects the internal maintenance, proper use of means can not be ignored.

What are the reasons electric water boiler heating not hot? To address this issue Xiaobian share Profile for everyone. (1) If the boiler tube blockage situation will cause the water flow rate is too slow, the water temperature at a lower temperature through the radiator, causing some impact on heating. And in the process, a phenomenon due to the low return temperature resulting in energy waste have also occurred. (2) the quality of some hot water boiler itself to be fine. Because quality is not up to the same heating area, the use of low-quality electric hot water heating, natural reach the actual heating effect, leading to heating not hot phenomenon. (3) the value of the thermal load is relatively small house, the house is a so-called thermal load which the difference between the amount of heat and the heat, to give the larger the difference, the worse the thermal insulation effect of the house, in this case that, if appropriate, changing power electric water boiler, there will be no central heating hot phenomenon. Factors of course, affect the electric hot water heating does not heat a lot, above, are common types of electric hot water heating process. After Either way, we know the bad factors affect heating effect, we need in the course of operation, in particular, take note of these points, standardize operations, and maintenance, to ensure the normal heating.

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