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Introduction gas chain grate compact structure boiler start condition, the maintenance procedure, and four kinds of methods: a start condition gas boiler steps: 1. Check gas boiler start condition is satisfied, the interior: the circulation pump normally open, externally: a pump normally open , boiler water level is normal. 2, gas boiler startup procedure: A pre-purge: This is for security reasons, fear valve leak case, if not before the purge, a gas-fired boiler to start the ignition, which is more dangerous. B. leak: checking the airtightness of the solenoid valve is good; C Pressure: The gas pressure is normal, the air pressure is normal; D ignition: the arc is established between the ignition electrode, the gas supplied to the nozzle, to ignite the main flame. E. normal combustion: normal combustion mode control there are two ways segmented (usually two stage and three-stage control fire control) Modulating: via PLC or mixing ratio to achieve presetter combustion gas and air F. shutdown ratio: burner stopped, the device stops the boiler. G. After purging: effective post-purge. Second, the level of protection A. Combustion gas process: alarm and shutdown B. water protection: below the lower limit (L), the alarm; lower than the lower limit (LL), the shutdown protection;

Fifth, look at the quality of manufacturing enterprises

A real strength of the boiler manufacturing enterprises, with the qualifications and reputation is not an ordinary company can match. Although there are some small businesses allow pressure vessel manufacturing license, but as a whole or outdated equipment is not standardized, there are security risks produced gas tank easily.

Import gas condensing chain grate compact structure boiler characteristics: 1, using exhaust heat cascade, sufficiently improved boiler efficiency; 2, exhaust gas temperature can be as low as 70 ℃, the thermal efficiency of up to 104%, the boiler efficiency will play to the limit; 3, NOX, COX, SOX, a significant reduction in emissions of harmful substances; 4, integrated solutions, more secure and efficient; 5, condensing boiler characteristics fast way inlet gas: 6, the structure of the whole boiler shell wet back boiler, reliable, easy to maintain; 7, air preheater, a condenser, a blower, a burner, pumps and control systems, integrated design, the overall debugging, the entire factory, boiler installation easier; 8, integrated design, more than the split condensing boiler saves the area reduce construction investment; 9, integrated design, systematic solutions to further improve the boiler and automation.

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