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Factor one is that the working principle of condensing boiler is well known to be different from that of ordinary boiler heating products, and the condensing boiler needs frequent contact with acidic substances such as water vapor in the course of operation. If the material used to produce condensing boiler belongs to the material which is easy to be corroded by acid material, the overall service life of boiler may be reduced.

Natural gas boiler can achieve fast side: 1, high thermal efficiency: Add condensing gas boiler technology for flue gas emissions were reabsorbed use, thermal efficiency can be as high as 108%, fuel combustion, for your company save an enormous input costs . 2, ultra-low nitrogen emissions: the premix, of FGR flue gas recirculation and other advanced technology, the harmful substances (such as nitrogen oxides) in the cradle strangled, NOx emissions as low as 18 mg / m meet our stringent air pollutant emission standards, can be used in Beijing, Shanghai and other urban centers. 3, remote monitoring cloud services platform: the fast side-specific cloud services platform, your boiler will be closely integrated with our system, if the warning, failure incidents occur, our monitoring staff will contact you immediately by phone or online to avoid greater losses for your business. 4, PLC intelligent operating system: PLC system is fast party independent research and design, and is installed on each boiler. With this system, you can more intuitive operation inside the boiler operation and observation, by prompting the button to complete the operation of the boiler, simple and straightforward. 5, boilers Modular: Modular co-operation means can control more than one boiler, according to their production in different seasons or your business, the flexibility to adjust the number of operating the boiler, to avoid waste of resources.

Industrial boiler water softening equipment and equipment design features: industrial boiler is a common device in the field of industrial production, however, if it is found in boiler water hardness salts, such as calcium, magnesium, will produce the size of the boiler heating surface, thereby reducing thermal efficiency, increased fuel consumption, and may even cause local overheating and damage to the components, resulting in an explosion. Thus, industrial boilers or demineralized water should be desalinated. In the run industrial boilers in China, the traditional soft water boiler to run complex, poor operational reliability, high failure rate, long-term equipment is in an abnormal condition, water quality can not be guaranteed, a large boiler failure rate, short life.

January 16, Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Director of the atmosphere and noise pollution control at the public hall, Li Bin, said: "Harbin problem-oriented, focused on solving the coal pollution environmental air quality, autumn and winter of straw burning pollution." By a wide range of governance, 2018, Harbin has made in terms of ambient air quality improvement remarkable results, the standard number of days 310 days, an increase of 40 days, for the introduction of new environmental quality standards since the best of the year.

Prior to 2017, the total removal of Harbin urban built-up area of ​​small boilers range of nearly 3,000. 2017, Harbin started the largest in the history of the elimination of small-scale boilers battle, tear down 9 district built-up areas and industrial parks within a small boiler 2074 units. 2018, further expanded the phase-out range, expanded from 9 Zone has outside built-up areas, where the built-up area in District 9 out of 10 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers to achieve foundation "clear" on the hour and eliminated more than 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers 99 units, out of the city a total of 1191 units. The results accumulated over the years, significantly reducing the use of coal, reduce emissions of pollutants.

According to reports, in the fall and winter seasons, Harbin straw Jinshao pay close attention to the work to implement the five grids responsibility, building straw Jinshao 24-hour duty system inspections, inspection teams at all levels of uninterrupted inspection. In addition, Harbin has also implemented emission standards of air pollutants, vehicle control, open-air barbecue ban, dust management, especially in heavy weather pollution contingency timely warning, take active control measures played a role in the down-clipping. Through various management, air quality has been greatly improved.

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