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Boiler hot water chemical industry steam atmospheric water tube boiler supplier-depth study of aspects of the in-depth study of hot water boiler feed water parameters and other aspects of the hot water boiler feed water and parameters like, for this kind of boiler, the following will explain and answer some questions in order to advance their learning process. In addition, you can also learn the content, so that they have some gains and progress, in turn, shorten the learning gap between target. Hot water boiler replenishment rate of overweight, should be how to deal with? It's a small amount to pay, whether it is normal? Hot water boiler, if it exceeded the rate of pay, then we must identify the reasons are, first cut off all the water put to check whether there is run, run, drip and drain phenomenon, any, should be eliminated so that the pay rate back to normal. Boiler parameters, if it is for the hot water boiler, then, specifically what? Steam boiler difference? Boiler parameters, which if it is for the hot water boiler, then specifically, for the thermal power, water pressure and supply and return water temperature three. For steam boiler, the amount of steam that is, the operating pressure and the steam temperature three. So, these two boilers in the boiler parameters, is not the same, can not be equated. Rated temperature hot water boiler, which specifically refer to? Notes on the boiler, which prevent matters? Rated temperature hot water boilers, the specific terms, it means that this kind of hot water temperature at the outlet of the boiler . As for some considerations on the boiler, on the matter of preventing them, there are several less, it is as follows: to prevent boiler scaling, prevent furring, to prevent fouling and to prevent water hammer. In the boiler, a small amount of replenishment is inevitable, however, to note that, should strictly control the quality of supply water, deoxygenated water is recommended, because it can avoid fouling, or scale issues such as boilers. And this is for the normal operation of the boiler, is also useful.

3. Thermal efficiency up to 98%, energy saving

4. Bedroom internal combustion three-return structure

5. Automatic water protection, over-temperature, over-pressure and other automatic protection functions, safe and reliable boiler operation

January 16, Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Director of the atmosphere and noise pollution control at the public hall, Li Bin, said: "Harbin problem-oriented, focused on solving the coal pollution environmental air quality, autumn and winter of straw burning pollution." By a wide range of governance, 2018, Harbin has made in terms of ambient air quality improvement remarkable results, the standard number of days 310 days, an increase of 40 days, for the introduction of new environmental quality standards since the best of the year.

Prior to 2017, the total removal of Harbin urban built-up area of ​​small boilers range of nearly 3,000. 2017, Harbin started the largest in the history of the elimination of small-scale boilers battle, tear down 9 district built-up areas and industrial parks within a small boiler 2074 units. 2018, further expanded the phase-out range, expanded from 9 Zone has outside built-up areas, where the built-up area in District 9 out of 10 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers to achieve foundation "clear" on the hour and eliminated more than 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers 99 units, out of the city a total of 1191 units. The results accumulated over the years, significantly reducing the use of coal, reduce emissions of pollutants.

According to reports, in the fall and winter seasons, Harbin straw Jinshao pay close attention to the work to implement the five grids responsibility, building straw Jinshao 24-hour duty system inspections, inspection teams at all levels of uninterrupted inspection. In addition, Harbin has also implemented emission standards of air pollutants, vehicle control, open-air barbecue ban, dust management, especially in heavy weather pollution contingency timely warning, take active control measures played a role in the down-clipping. Through various management, air quality has been greatly improved.

Heating knowledge of Hot Water BoilerHot water chemical industry steam atmospheric water tube boiler supplier is a kind of thermal equipment which uses fuel combustion to release heat energy to heat the water in the container so that the water can reach the required temperature (hot water). It is a whole composed of boiler body accessory instrument and auxiliary equipment. The boiler is carried out at the same time in both the boiler and the boiler. After the raw water enters the boiler, the heat absorbed by the boiler is transferred to feed water, and the water is heated into a certain temperature for the user to produce and use for heating. The incessant combustion fuel of the incessant combustor emits heat continuously. The high temperature flue gas produced during combustion can transfer heat to the heating surface of the boiler through the heat propagation, and its own temperature gradually decreases, and at last it is discharged through the chimney. Pot and Furnace division of work, an endothermic, an exothermic, perfect coordination is closely related to an integral equipment, indispensable. Hot water boilers are powered by circulating pumps in operation. The continuous circulating flow of water transfers all the heat absorbed by the heating surface to the raw water continuously, so that the heating surface is cooled well and the water heating foot is speeded up, thus ensuring the boiler heating surface to work safely under the high temperature conditions. In order to ensure the boiler quality and safety, we must choose the regular gas hot water boiler produced by the boiler manufacturer, so that the quality can be guaranteed and the after-sales service can be guaranteed.

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