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China grate bar for boiler

According to many ways now people can see inside the steam china grate bar for boiler to pay attention to when such a situation would be to meet the most different aspects of the people, so that now a better time to analyze it, is itself heated aspects the effect would be to meet people in different ways, and now from the way people see better to take into account when the integrity of the part can be achieved will naturally be different.

Boiler flue gas emissions have been an important reason for air pollution, while switching to a china grate bar for boiler fueled with natural gas, but the flue gas still contains some nitrogen oxides, nitrogen oxides can be released into the atmosphere destroy the ozone layer, formed was dissolved in water rain will increase the acidity of rain, causing corrosion and acid rain on plant and its buildings, so reducing nitrogen oxide emissions has been an important measure to control air pollution.

There are reasons szs gas china grate bar for boiler regular maintenance of the gas boiler which szs requirements for water quality in relation to other forms of boiler water quality is much higher operating efficiency szs gas boilers, boiler service life is an important reference customers to buy index. Of course, this is a preliminary issue, linked to the quality of the boiler, but after the operation and maintenance of the real needs of customers insist on a regular basis to complete. 1, differences in the quality of gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a relatively pure source of gas, the gas is relatively poor artificially, impurities, unstable ingredients, low heat value, has a great influence on the operation and life of the equipment. 2, China's large land area differences in water quality, water quality big difference. Water calcium and magnesium ions of different contents. Although the boiler water is demineralized water after treatment, but difficult to scale, but only reduce the water softening Calcium and magnesium ions can not be completely eliminated. Heated water, water, calcium, magnesium, iron carbonate with water, silicates and hydroxides rapidly, forming calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate fouling, firmly attached to the heat exchanger and piping on the inner wall. The results show that the heat transfer performance of the system deteriorates to reduce the diameter, the flow is blocked, the energy consumption increases. Once the water flow is blocked, boiler pump failure occurs, the main heat exchanger are easily damaged at a high temperature flame.

In early November, Luyi County, Henan Province Quality Supervision Bureau organized a safety inspection activities on the china grate bar for boiler in the area, ensure the safe use within the jurisdiction of the boiler in winter.

The main focus of inspection units use boilers to see through the following points:

First, the use of registration, maintenance, periodic testing situation.

Second, the establishment and implementation of the system and the rescue plan.

Third, if the boiler worker certificates.

Fourth, the operation of the boiler water treatment facilities.

To date, Luyi County Quality Supervision Bureau has complete supervision and inspection work on 11 units in the boiler, the inspection found problems and risks, monitor the instruction issued according to the law, clearly boiler rectification matter and time.

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