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The purpose salt water cluj napoca industrial boilers and boiler coal consumption purpose salt water boiler and boiler coal consumption of boiler water, why should its salt? 10 tons of boiler, if its calorific value is 5000 kcal, then the daily coal consumption is how much? in addition, some difficult questions about the boiler, which also need to be answered and solved? ask these questions, mainly to elicit content of the article, at the same time, we will also know what to say, so as to have conduct targeted learning more, improve their learning efficiency. 1. Why is salt water boiler? Boiler water and salt, which is mainly for two purposes, one is to increase the water temperature and the boiling point, and sterilization for this purpose can be achieved. If a heating boiler, it can also be beneficial to provide heating. Second, it is used to soften hard water variety, so there may be good quality, to prevent the generation of scale in the boiler, in turn, affect the normal operation of the boiler. 2.10 tons of boiler, its calorific value is 5000 kcal, then, is how much of its coal consumption is? 10 tons of boiler, its calorific value is 5000 kcal, then its coal consumption per hour is about 1.85 tons, that is 185 kg. While its coal consumption, this value is multiplied by the boiler sucked day's work time, so you can get the specific values. But note that, because there are some objective factors, so this is just an estimate, which may be some difference between the actual value. 3. The life of the boiler, or whether there are uniform standards? Life of the boiler, which is there are a lot of factors, such as environment, requirements, and other factors. So, it is no unified regulations or standards. In general, the small boiler is 6-10 years, large-scale boilers can not say, but also because the use of boiler operating conditions. 4. If there is a boiler operation layer, then, its main applications, what is? If there is a boiler operation layer, then, it is usually a large power plant boilers. Moreover, this kind of boiler is suspended main boiler room is a large frame, through the frame to carry the weight of the boiler above measure. So, on this issue, it is clear that the answer is for the power plant.

The space layout of the cluj napoca industrial boilers room must meet the requirements of installation, operation and maintenance, and it is easy to prevent moisture and corrosion, and the gas supply pipeline is convenient and safe.

The theme of the conference is "clean low-carbon, Better Life", which is fast adhering to the party's "build clean fuel gas-fired cluj napoca industrial boilers" concept coincide. After this symposium, party fast more clearly the future direction of development in the field of cleaning boilers, adhere to the road of independent research and development of new technologies, increase investment in research and development funds, is committed to develop cleaner and more environmentally friendly boiler equipment, "blue sky project" to make its own contribution!

This is a formula to calculate the thermal efficiency of gas-fired gas consumption data at 100% of the actual application to higher gas consumption, gas consumption, gas-fired when calculating the calorific value of natural gas should be fully considered, cluj napoca industrial boilers efficiency, so calculated out of value to be able to meet the actual situation.

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