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Blue Sky Battle horn started, our country constantly walking on the green road. Reduce atmospheric emissions of nitrogen oxides, improve air quality, but also the people a blue sky, the industry has invested in the construction of environmental protection go, Guizhou Baiyun Quan Lake Hotel is no exception. As we all know, fast boiler R & D in the field of clean fuel boiler never stopped, through market research and screening, Guizhou Baiyun Quan Lake Hotel in October 2017 signed a low-nitrogen Thalia T5 series vacuum hot water and fast boiler boiler for hot water supply and heating the hotel.

6.The design of various protecting functions.

The light oil fire boiler sell to south Africa

The advantages of condensing gas hot combined fire tube water boiler seller in africa is what what are the advantages of condensing gas hot water boiler is? Currently, condensing gas hot water boiler is widely used in the enterprise, where its advantages? Main results are as follows: (1) Compared with coal-fired boiler, gas-fired condensing boiler water does not produce more soot contamination. It is important for environmental protection on the one hand, on the other hand can also help companies to save part of the exhaust gas treatment costs. (2) Since the condensing gas hot water boiler will be equipped with a series of functions and safety devices in the boiler system, such as anti-dry, boiler overheat protection. Therefore, during operation, the boiler will reduce the risk to some extent. Application (3) condensation technique may be implemented by an efficient condensing heat recovery unit. Partially vaporized latent heat absorbing high temperature flue gas discharge in the boiler, the boiler to reduce heat loss, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Volume (4) condensing a small hot water boiler, noise is relatively low. Large flow, small lift can achieve the effect of multi-parallel. These advantages condensing gas hot water boiler, making it a place in the market. Utilizing condensing hot water boiler technology does make some extent to achieve energy saving effect. Therefore, it also saves some operating costs.

The CFB boiler has advantages such as the wide application of fuel (it can burn various high quality coal, fault coal, coal gangue, bark, and trash, etc.), high combustion efficiency, good desulfurization effect, low NOX emissions, etc., of which development is paid great attentions by countries worldwide.CFB boiler is of single drum with the natural circulation, balanced ventilation, semi-open layout, all-steel frame and full suspension structure.The furnace periphery is of full membrane wall structure and equipped with explosion-proof rigid beam; the whole boiler has free expansion downward. ZG has series CFB boiler products with complete parameters and varieties.

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