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What is the use of a commercial 18 ton vacuum boiler manufacturing companies in the paper industry?

The steam produced in the coal fired steam boilers is used to cook wood chips (along with the cooking chemicals). Steam is sent to dryer cans or Yankee dryer to remove the water from the sheet that the drainage, vacuum, and mechanical pressing sections of the paper machine can't accomplish.The steam from the boilers is also used throughout the mill in heat exchangers, steam-traced piping, stock chests, etc.

Vacuum hot water commercial 18 ton vacuum boiler manufacturing companies heating advantage in terms of: Heating in winter has been one of the important projects in northern China, some of the longer residence time residential district heating boilers generally use pressure or pressure hot water boiler, but most of these boilers there system complexity, high operating costs, easy to scale, seriously affect the oxidation corrosion and other defects, residential areas, it will bring a lot of adverse effects. In recent years, it is widely favored by vacuum hot water boiler heating industry, and because it has a good safety performance and minimal footprint and other advantages, is very suitable for building a heat source.

Due to increase market demand for air conditioning, we increased the number of production lines, faced with the urgent need of a steam commercial 18 ton vacuum boiler manufacturing companies problems. Emergence of fast boiler is time for us to solve this problem. From the start of contract manufacturing to transportation to our company for installation and operation, Fang fast only 35 days to solve our urgent needs. --customer feedback

Reasonable installation of fuel gas vacuum hot water commercial 18 ton vacuum boiler manufacturing companies is an important basic work demineralized water is a very important part of the fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler. How piped fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler water softening equipment? Conduit connected to the water softener should be plastic tubing, to the water supply. It should not be soft plastic pipe conduit, in order to prevent deformation of the pipe, affect the drainage effect. The inlet and outlet tubes connected to the inlet and the outlet of the control valve arrow. Regeneration controller using flow type flowmeter shall be mounted on the outlet. Access to water fuel gas hot water boiler should be equipped with a vacuum gauge and a manual valve. A bypass valve should be installed at the same time, and the sampling valve is mounted in front of the outlet valve. Y-type filters are usually installed after the pipe inlet valve to prevent clogging of dirt in the duct leading to the device body can not function properly. The length of the boiler drain connected to a vacuum hot fuel gas should not exceed 6m, to minimize the camber angle, the valve installation is prohibited. Salt should not exceed the length of the connection pipe 2m, good sealing must be maintained, otherwise it will affect the regeneration of the water softener. Water quality does not meet the standard, which determines the safety of life and boiler fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler. Reasonable install boilers and auxiliary equipment is an important basic work.

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