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Talk about the use of huge boiler commercial 200 bhp fire tube steam boiler price is to provide quality machinery mainly for people, it appears to help people is enormous. Boiler big play role in people's lives, it is the main tool to provide steam. Industrial production in steam boilers provide steam for people at the same time to the production of human powered, so that people become more convenient in production. In life steam boiler provided to help people create high-quality food, and why that is because we were able to take a shower steam boiler in the cold winter. These are the boilers help to us. Boiler to provide more high-quality steam at a safe and convenient for our premise, to make our lives work more convenient. For steam boiler we should use the time to pay attention to his maintenance work, so as to make it even more long-term help for us. Industrial production is the main driving force of world development, it is very important for the development of the world, so we need to use the boiler steam to provide better for us, because our human development needs help of these advanced machines. No machine age is primitive society, when humans learned to use tools when it marks the beginning of human civilization with the steam boiler is a tool a tool to help our human development. Low energy consumption, low pollution, low-emission-based economic model, is another major progress of human society after the agricultural civilization, industrial civilization. Therefore, in various fields have produced low carbon concept, low-carbon life, low-carbon products and services. Needless to say, also produced in the boiler industry concept energy boiler, boiler energy product requirements compact structure, small volume, easy on-site installation, high efficiency, long life and good sealing performance of boiler, operation, etc. can be positive.

Henan gas boiler by techniques which optimize the effect of reduction of Henan gas boiler, i.e. the part of each combustion system design, heat exchanger components and control system can improve the boiler efficiency optimization techniques combined together, will be the maximum It may improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, so as to achieve energy saving. 1. Using burner head premix metal fibers. First, natural gas and air through the venturi tube to achieve optimum mixing, the mixed gas is combusted in the combustion surface of the first woven fibers made of special alloy, burning more fully, more thorough, flame generation is extremely short, so the required combustion small room space, so a premix burner Henan gas boiler more compact. Secondly, when the premix type burner flame color is blue, the flame temperature of about 1000-1100 degrees, ordinary blower burner flame temperature greater than 1300 degrees, and the oxygen and nitrogen in the air from the start of the reaction is about 1200 deg.] C, A vigorous enhanced from 1500 ℃. Therefore, NOx emissions is much lower than condensing furnace blast other common boiler burner. Further noise premix burner produces approximately 40-72dBA, the blower noise generated by the burner is high 80-100dBA. A flexible metal fibers also avoid the generation of thermal stress of combustion head, extending the service life and maintenance intervals burner head. 2. Henan new gas-fired boiler using heat transfer enhancement of heat transfer tubes. In order to reduce exhaust gas temperature, the condensing effect is achieved, increasing the heat transfer area of ​​the heat exchanger must element, it should not be construed to simply increase the volume of the device to increase the heat transfer area. But should be reasonably increase the heat transfer area per unit area of ​​the device, and high thermal conductivity, and is corrosion resistant heat transfer tubes. 3. flood capacity design makes operation more sustainable, start and stop times smaller. Significantly reduced consumption and emissions. 4. Application of PVC exhaust pipe. Since conventional boiler flue gas temperature above 150 degrees, the chimney must be made of steel, but also the use of prefabricated chimney insulation layer stainless steel in some cases, the cost per square meter of the chimney 1600-1800 dollars, the cost is very expensive. Henan gas boiler due to lower exhaust gas temperature, standard PVC pipe may be used as exhaust pipe, the boiler is greatly reduced additional installation costs. 5. Henan gas boiler provided with the water receiving tray collected condensate, and the condensate and treatment before discharge. During condensation of gases and fly ash and soot fraction of the flue gas is dissolved in water, reducing the harmful substances discharged into the atmosphere. 6. The controller comes selection ratio control system and having a sound and timing of the operation mode. Fast and accurate continuous tracking load changes, to achieve good time-heating function.

2019, Shaanxi Province, continue to increase efforts to control and eliminate coal-fired facilities, recently issued a "coal for management action plan Guanzhong area", planned before the end of 2019, the completion of the Guanzhong area of ​​all 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers (more than 20 tons of steam and the transformation has been completed with the exception of ultra-low emission) demolition of all or implementation of clean energy transformation. In accordance with the principle of gas will change, the implementation of clean coal prior to transformation Area off central heating station.

1, to promote the efficient and economical coal to electricity. Cities, counties, the district government to connect with the local power grid companies to develop the Rebuilding embodiment, each village and household investigation and electricity facilities, good co-ordination transformers, distribution lines, smart meters and other distribution facilities renovation work, comprehensively promote the upgrading of rural power grids to meet people's demand for electricity for heating. The end of December 2019, Guanzhong Plain, basically should be changed to make change, the mountains and strive to complete the transformation of the whole village contiguous 60%, the rest of the region before the end of 2020 to complete the transformation. It has completed the transformation to strengthen regional security and stability of power supply and electric heating facility security management. Encourage public bodies to give priority to use high efficiency air source heat pump, storage electric heating and other products.

2, and steadily push forward coal to gas. Gas will adhere to the reform, on the basis of strict implementation of the contract on the amount of resources, natural gas pipe network coverage area of ​​priority implementation of coal to gas. Accelerate the construction of infrastructure such as natural gas pipeline network, expanding coverage of natural gas. In accordance with the principle of special matter, to speed up the preparatory work for the pipe network, gas station facility construction land, planning permission and so on, to simplify examination and approval procedures, to speed up the examination and approval, and actively support the gas company to promote the project implementation plan. Encourage and support the network does not cover the better the basic conditions of township (town, street) using a skid mounted LNG and compressed natural gas. An annual increase of gas from coal to gas priority for rural residents and incorporated into the contract management to ensure stable gas heating. To ensure energy conservation, the indoor installed gas boiler energy efficiency of not less than level 2. According to Mopai base number, speed up the development of sub-annual indeed given village households from coal to gas embodiment, reasonably determine the 2019, 2020 annual scale coal to gas.

3, increase geothermal and other renewable energy heating efforts. Geothermal resources better urban plains of Xi'an, Xianyang City and other urban and rural interface, focusing on rural construction area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters of new residential, with technical and economic feasibility of using geothermal heating premise should be encouraged to have the condition the old district were geothermal heating transformation. Urban construction must be carried out as a heat source point in principle new waste incineration plant. Encourage and support the strength of the research institutes and enterprises to strengthen the solar thermal, biomass energy technology research and development, improve systems integration. Township (town, street) party and government institutions, enterprises and railways, roads and other auxiliary services take the lead in building a number of sites for renewable energy heating demonstration projects.

4, to promote the use of clean coal. Will not have the clean energy alternative conditions and mountainous areas will not have the coal to electricity, coal to gas to actively promote clean coal. In accordance with reasonable layout, standardized management requirements, improve the construction of clean coal distribution centers, to achieve full coverage of clean coal. Distribution center to establish and improve coal quality inspection and sales ledger system, in line with the sales of clean coal, "coal quality coal for civilian goods" (GB34169-2017) and "civil coal coal quality goods" (GB34170-2017) technical requirements, city , loose coal and coal county built-up areas and its surrounding area used to reach No. 1 product technical requirements, other areas prohibit the sale, use more than 1% sulfur, ash content higher than 16% of civil bulk coal, the information contained the bulk coal management online platform, to achieve dynamic monitoring information. Strengthen commercial coal sales, circulation of coal quality control, increase sampling efforts to achieve full coverage of monthly sampling to crack down on the use of inferior coal for sales behavior. Study and perfect the counties (cities, districts) financial subsidies to support clean coal policy, and actively promote the use of clean coal, to ensure that people warm winter.

5, continue to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers. Increase the small coal-fired boilers and furnaces tea, operating the stove, grain storage and drying equipment and other efforts to eliminate coal-fired facilities. Before the end of 2019, the Guanzhong area of ​​all 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers (20 tons of steam and above with the exception of ultra-low emission renovation has been completed) all removed or implementation of clean energy transformation. In accordance with the principle of gas will change, the implementation of clean coal prior to transformation Area off central heating station.

Each industry demand for gas commercial 200 bhp fire tube steam boiler prices are different, we as a professional comprehensive boiler enterprises, involving all sectors need to use boilers have the knowledge and understanding, ensure that you provide the correct selection guide and boiler design .

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