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commercial vertical steam boiler price in North America

Electric commercial vertical steam boiler price in north america costs too high? That you did not choose the boiler manufacturer! Compared to the serious environmental pollution coal-fired or oil-fired boiler, electric steam boiler power energy, with more environmentally friendly, good ecological benefits, no pollution emissions, no noise of obvious advantages, but also the type of boiler China's environmental protection department vigorously pursued. But many users at the time of purchase, often tangled with the energy cost of the boiler (ie operating costs) this together, this should not be bought with it? How do you make electric steam boilers operating costs down it? Do not worry, fast Boiler summarized in the following two points, so that the cost will naturally come down.

1.6 tons of hot water boiler, its heat production is generally for what? How much water does it produce per hour?

A 6-ton hot water boiler, which generally produces heat of 1.8 million Kcal/H. If the water is to be heated from 15 ℃ to 100 ℃, it can be concluded from the formula 1800000? 85? 21176.4706L that the water produced by the boiler is 21 tons of hot water per hour. However, under other conditions and requirements, it may not be this value.

Our company in the choice of boiler products, attaches great importance to the quality of emissions and commercial vertical steam boiler price in north americas, boiler low emissions of pollutants party provides fast, good steam quality is superior boiler products. --customer feedback

How much chemical gas commercial vertical steam boiler price in north america steam boiler Gas Chemical how much money? Previous to the current coal-based chemical plant gradually replaced with gas boiler-based, and this is the response to the government's policy on coal-fired boilers, low nitrogen transformation of the boiler. At present, many chemical plants began to purchase gas steam boiler production. First it is necessary to compare for the production of gas steam boiler manufacturers. Recently, there is a chemical plant to fast boiler advice to purchase a gas steam boiler, but for the specific model and the specific price is not very understanding, which for technical personnel of fast boiler, it will require a combination of the chemical industry the actual situation of production plants detailed accounting, and concluded that the chemical plant with a gas steam boiler 4 tons is possible. At present, the price of the boiler model is about 500,000.

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