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June 20 this year, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Hutubi County textile industrial park a LOHAS fruit and vegetable plant in the region, two workers were dismantling a height of 20 tons of steam coal-fired boiler chimney 50 meters, which is Finally, the county removed a large tonnage of coal-fired boiler, after the removal of 300 tons per year to reduce coal pollution.

After removal of coal-fired boilers, textile industrial park will access a unified steam heating system, the coal-fired boiler plant will be dismantled access system, both low nitrogen environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

In recent years, Hutubi County to respond positively to China's environmental protection policy, and vigorously promote the "Blue Sky Project", to conduct a comprehensive environmental management and air pollution control activities that will improve air quality as the top priority of economic and social development.

It is understood that Hutubi County this year to increase environmental protection efforts, the New Chemical Materials Park, Textile Park, a new industrial park and other parks coal-fired boilers are dismantled processing equipment, present the industrial park has been demolished 67 companies a total of 98 fuel stations coal boiler, after the removal of 10,000 tons per year to reduce coal pollution.

Secretary Hutubi County Industrial Park Administrative Committee of Economic Development, Sun Xiaotong said: "Industrial Park to good project access, the introduction of new projects, environmental protection must first over that hurdle; increase the park's environmental infrastructure investment , to lay the foundation for entry into the project; increase the industrial enterprises of environmental remediation efforts, requires companies to complete the task of environmental protection standards, to achieve green development, restructuring and development, quality development. "

April 6 this year, Hutubi County has also set tough fight pollution prevention and control headquarters, hand drawn increasing ecological environmental issues reform efforts, strict implementation of environmental protection, "A Pair of responsibility," "party and government with responsibility" layer by layer progressive pressure tight compaction tasks to ensure that environmental issues rectification precise place.

Deputy Director of Hutubi County Office of Pollution Prevention battle command room Zhangxin Hao said: "conscientiously implement the idea of ​​ecological civilization Xi Jinping, the CPC Central Committee and implement the spirit of ecological protection zone state Assembly to do the rectification work to promote the co-ordination of environmental protection issues, and resolutely fight tough fight pollution prevention efforts to build a sky blue green water of the Qing Hutubi. "

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The reason the change in vapor pressure of the boiler boiler operation could lead to vapor pressure change actually reflects the balance between evaporation boiler load changes with the outside world. It causes changes in two main areas: (1) outside interference. That is, changes in the external load caused by steam pressure changes. When the evaporation boiler below the external load, i.e., sudden increase in the external load, the vapor pressure is lowered, when the external load is just to meet the evaporation, vapor pressure and to maintain normal stability. (2) interference. Changes in working conditions within the boiler is caused by steam pressure changes. The combustion conditions change, the change in the fuel properties, fire mouth of start and stop, start and stop or blockage pulverizing system, furnace fouling, coking, coal and air ratio changes and the fouling effect of thermal exchange or the heating surface tubes leaks, burst pipes and so will the vapor pressure changes occur.

The use of gas-fired boiler which can help solve the problem with intensive commercial development and production, it is increasingly possible to find a more central heating equipment, from population centers of large hotels, factories to produce heavy task, We need plenty of energy supply. Acclaimed gas boiler can effectively help solve the huge demand, we look at the next band, using a gas boiler which can help solve the problem. First, the lack of central heating help solve the energy problem as a common thermal energy, almost all people are close at hand and available. But for the strong demand of energy enterprises, fragmented, unstable heat sources can not meet the daily operational needs. This increased heat gas boiler in the market is concerned, this may be a central heating plant equipment can guarantee adequate supply of the duration of the schedule with the hotel 24 hours hot water. Second, to help solve the problem of inconvenient operation as a long-term existence of products on the market, gas boiler has been able to further an important reason among customers to produce life is sufficiently convenient and flexible in operability. For some require quick completion of the operation of the plant, or places with high demands on the efficiency of heating, gas boiler can effectively help their compression operation time, get a good experience and efficient operation. Third, to help solve some of the different periods of the heating needs of the plant due to the special project cycle, there is uneven heating needs at different times. There are some personnel-intensive applications such as hotels, the demand for energy has at any time and randomness, which he led to the creation of thermal energy can be supplied at different times of the gas boiler. After using a gas boiler, heating demand will be able to deal with the randomness of different periods. As described above, select the gas-fired boilers to meet energy needs in centralized factories, hotels and other scenarios, in addition, can solve the heating needs of different time periods, provide adequate quality sufficient for the needs of the particularity of different scenarios service. Not only that rational design, good reputation, excellent service gas boilers on the principle of operation also allows users to get experience when smooth province.

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