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Introduction to four problems of selecting and purchasing condensing condensi boiler l p g price bulgaria!

As a new favorite of the new era, condensing boiler is not only more efficient but also environmentally friendly than ordinary gas-fired boiler. It is more and more popular with us, especially for large-family houses. However, many people are not familiar with condensing boilers, daily shopping will often encounter the following 4 major problems, let's take a look.

1, are all household sizes suitable for the installation of condensation wall hangers? Condensing boiler companies ranked top company introduction: in home applications, for only half a hundred square meters or so of the household type, is also suitable for the installation of condensation wall hanging furnace? This may be a false proposition, but the fact is that some heating companies "across-the-board" promote condensation wall hanging furnace, regardless of the size of the owner, this cost-effective account is variable, so this is a need for our specific issues specific analysis.

2, is the whole premixed must be better than the secondary heat transfer condensation? Many people in the industry will sniff at the secondary heat transfer condensing furnace as "false condensation", but the warm cube notes that the secondary heat transfer condensing heat efficiency is also more than 100%, belonging to the category of first-class energy efficiency, but the overall thermal efficiency is a few points lower than the full premix.

3, is it possible for any company to install condensing furnaces? Is it the same as installing conventional wall hanging stoves, can any company install condensation furnaces without professional training, what are the differences in installation, post-maintenance and repair aspects of condensing furnaces? when selecting and purchasing boilers, attention should be paid to manufacturers. Whether the industry organization has a supporting training or evaluation or certification system, when we select the condensing boiler company, we all need to consider these points.

4. Why are condensing boilers so much more expensive than conventional boilers? The price of condensing boilers has become the biggest obstacle to the promotion of almost every HVAC company. Looking at the current market, almost all brands of fully premixed condensing furnaces are more expensive than conventional boiler markets. Where is this expensive? Still, the question is, is your initial cost and post-maintenance cost, whether or not all household areas, all usage habits and conditions, can recover the expensive costs, and when choosing, you should look at the price list of the condensing boiler company, and for the owner, it is necessary to look at the price list of the condensing boiler company. It has made a great contribution to the national "energy saving and emission reduction".

Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas steam condensi boiler l p g price bulgaria project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.

Henan burner safety control requirements two gas condensi boiler l p g price bulgaria 1, the boiler burner gas Henan Henan power protection gas boiler burner sudden power failure during operation, must be immediately cut off the supply of natural gas to protect the security device. Gas control solenoid valve must be normally closed, power down, automatically cut off the gas supply. Solenoid valve closing response time ≤5s. 2, Henan measures gas boiler gas burner preventing leakage of gas leakage accidents include two aspects, it refers to a gas leakage into the environment, for the finger furnace gas leakage through the line by the solenoid valve spool end. Environmental leaks can cause poisoning, work-site explosion, must attach great importance. First make sure tubing sealed, regular pipeline leak detection, pipeline leak to be ruled out if the can continue to use; secondly, to avoid the concentration of gas poisoning and explosion, requiring the work site is well ventilated: Configure permanent vents and forced ventilation means; Further, requires work site prohibit fireworks, explosion-proof electrical parts. Furnace furnace leak could cause an explosion. There are three ways to solve the leakage problem furnace: First, strengthen hair and the amount of pre-blowing time, or blowing furnace gas dilution; Second gas line using two series arrangement of a solenoid valve, to improve system security; Third line using leak detection means for detecting the gas line before ignition, gas leakage if a certain amount of work and lock the burner. Gas leak prevention measures is a peripheral control, are generally not included burner body control.

What are the main condensi boiler l p g price bulgaria explosion

Long-term water shortages (1) boilers, steel is red-hot, sharp decline in mechanical strength, in violation of rules boiler, the water into the furnace to cause an explosion;

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