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congo industrial steam boiler for chemical industry

The picture shows the fast boiler processing plant located in the plain areas, plus catch up period is for a residential area of ​​Beijing for the production of low concentration of nitrogen product water tube boiler heating in winter, as scheduled in 2018 to ensure that heating at the same time, to meet the 20 mg / m require extremely low emissions of nitrogen oxides, Beijing air emission standards applicable to other regions 30 mg / cubic meter.

The reason why different boiler manufacturers are different in boiler prices is that different manufacturers must be different in terms of their own actual situation, production process, materials used and design, and so on. When these factors or aspects are different, then there must be different boiler prices.

Steam boiler which lubricants and detergents used Dosage: this kind of boiler congo industrial steam boiler for chemical industry, which is the site of boiler products, so you want to make your own words to all the knowledge and understanding of boiler products, then this kind of boiler can not be missed, otherwise, it can not achieve the above purpose. So, based on this, then, will continue to learn and understand the boiler, the details are as follows. 1. steam boiler steam generated, which in general, is what kind? Steam generated by the steam boiler, from a professional point of view, it is saturated steam and superheated steam both. But more common is saturated steam. Moreover, for saturated steam, we need to know is, it is the quality of its pressure and temperature. When the pressure is constant, its temperature is also a fixed value. 2. Steam boilers, which it should use lubricant? Steam boiler, which should be used lubricating oil, its specifically, it is to look at the site of use. If, for high temperature parts, such as axle bearings boiler, then, lithium-based oil or tallow. If an ordinary portion, then, may be used sodium or lithium-based lubricating oil. 3. steam boiler, the water level electrode wiring methods, what it is? Steam boiler, the water level determining electrode wiring method, mainly to see the water level control points. If, for low and high three-wire or four-wire low high school, then, there is a zero line, the rest are for the signal line. Also, it should correspond to the boiler controller, this is more appropriate, but will not go wrong.

To improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler method? The thermal efficiency of the boiler is directly related to the economic interests of the boiler's, so the design efficiency of the boiler is definitely the most concerned about the boiler's index, which determines the cost of running the boiler, in general, the higher the efficiency of the boiler, the fuel lower consumption, will directly reduce operating costs of the boiler.

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