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From the regular inspection and inspection of a large number of data reports, steam convert steam ton to boiler hp users do not perform oxygen removal according to the requirements of GB1576-85, can not effectively control the water supply and boiler water indicators, the boiler operation mode is unreasonable, its own structural defects, Boiler maintenance can not keep up, etc., will lead to serious oxygen corrosion of the stressed parts of the heating surface of the boiler.

18-20 May 2017, ISH heating HVAC industry event successfully held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. Fast convert steam ton to boiler hp latest on-line premix vacuum hot water boiler landmark "Thalia T6" and coupled steam boiler, "Euromonitor θ5" series of products also opened a mysterious veil, show it to all visitors.

Types and uses of Hot Water convert steam ton to boiler hpsHot-water boilers include electric hot-water boilers, oil-fired hot-water boilers, gas-fired hot-water boilers and coal-fired hot-water boilers, etc. Hot-water boilers are boilers that produce hot water, which refers to the heat energy released from fuel combustion or other heat energy (such as electric energy). A thermal device that heats water to a rated temperature. Hot water boilers are mainly used for heating and bathing. The hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the heat preservation tank through the hot water circulation pump and heats the hot water of the water tank again and again so as to achieve the purpose of bathing. The hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the heating pipe through the hot water circulation pump, through the radiator (radiator) can meet the people's heating requirement; Water boiler and hot water circulation pump with heat exchanger can realize the double functions of bath and heating.

Natural gas convert steam ton to boiler hp installation to be done before the preparatory work: With the coal-fired boilers issued the policy is disabled, the provinces and municipalities have begun to clean emissions from the boiler renovation project. Clean natural gas boiler with its unique environmental advantages stand out in many types of boilers, to get food, chemical, medical, heating, construction, hotels, paper and other industrial users alike. After purchased natural gas boiler, the boiler is worried about how to properly install a lot of users do, because once the boiler mistakes during installation will cause all kinds of unintended consequences.

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