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What are the advantages of condensing curier ce ducuce un boiler lectrics? As China's energy optimization, and constantly promote the implementation of energy conservation policies, use of condensing boilers to improve the utilization of natural gas, use the remaining heat to increase heat production and the way of life has become an important means of energy re-use of the moment. As a result, the market also appeared condensing boilers more and more popular around the world, then the number of boilers, condensing boilers which have particular advantages making it the choice for the majority of consumers do? Condensing heat exchanger 1. Optional use of stable material. High-heat converter material requirements condensing boiler used, so it has a strong corrosion resistance. Since the smoke emission will contain large quantities of carbon dioxide and other acid gases, when converted into the flue gas when the condensed water will have varying degrees of acidity, the conventional switch with long-term exposure can cause condensate corrosion scratch off the surface, and changing condensing boilers converter is used to produce high-quality and stable material, reduce corrosion damage to components and zengcheng time. 2. high energy efficiency condensing boiler. Condensing boiler internal cryogenic fluid temperature can reach a very low level, and to take away the effect of reducing the flue gas is excellent, also increases the water vapor condensate can be recovered in the heat and latent heat is also more and more, thereby condense values ​​using thermal energy efficiency of the boiler is larger. 3. Good environmental benefits. Gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide produced after the combustion fumes have serious environmental pollution, in particular, the discharge capacity is small low boiler efficiency of various contaminants stresses can cause serious environmental problems. After installation through condensing boiler, the flue gas water vapor is condensed, when many contaminants dissolved in water condensed on the flue gas purification emissions, while secondary treatment for condensed water can be completely non-polluting emission. In summary, the advantages of condensing boilers includes not only stable and reliable starting performance, but also including the use of equipment has great effect on the energy saving and environmental protection. Condensing boiler will use the moment with the State Government's strong emphasis on the concept of environmental protection has gradually up wide, which the market can provide high-quality manufacturers of condensing boilers shelf increasing, consumers want to use a condensing boiler has the best quality of work We need to learn to distinguish their brands and equipment manufacturers.

Only these three do bits be considered as the development of production of industrial steam curier ce ducuce un boiler lectrics social good requires enormous energy to promote industrial steam boilers is this energy source of power. Electricity used in our daily life, water, basic necessities involved in various industries, as well as heavy industry requires its rich energy output. For businesses, how to buy high-quality, durable boiler equipment, is particularly important. First, look at the quality of the merits of the boiler back to basics boilers, boiler only good quality in order to maintain long-term, stable life. In general, high-quality industrial steam boilers will be relatively small noise, vibration frequency is low, the use of the entire system more stable. The main material of high-quality industrial boilers will select compression and strong and thick enough, for example, ND steel, and the external boiler will be embalmed, so that its life will be longer and more secure. Second, look at the quality of boiler energy efficiency of industrial steam boiler in operation will consume huge amounts of fuel, but also waste a lot of emissions, to deal with them not only to consume a large amount of money but also cause environmental pollution, while domestic professional manufacturer of industrial steam boilers savings in raw materials and emissions reduction technology is to compare the color of the carbon. So we choose, we can learn more about whether the boiler fuel-saving, is environmentally friendly and energy-saving technological achievements boiler manufacturer to master, and then carry out a comprehensive comparison, select the product for their own business. Third, look at the quality of its after-sales support services in the choice of a good industrial steam boiler manufacturers, after-sale protection is a very important issue. If the manufacturer can provide us with good service, then we can reduce unnecessary waste of human and material resources consumed, the boiler will have a better experience. In selecting industrial steam boiler when there are many factors to consider, we mainly from its own pros and cons of quality, energy efficiency and the quality of the manufacturer's after-sales support services are in place, these three important aspects of proper choice, and to He said the quality of industrial boilers will advantage both of these three conditions.

Please shut down the furnace urgently under the following circumstances

Compared with the normal shutdown, the emergency shutdown of the boiler indicates that the boiler has an abnormal situation. If it does not stop running immediately, it may cause certain economic losses. Therefore, in the following situations, it is necessary to immediately pay attention to the emergency shutdown operation.

Recently, the State Administration of China's market, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Ecology Environment jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening Environmental Protection and Energy curier ce ducuce un boiler lectrics" (the "Notice"), put forward specific requirements for environmental aspects of energy-saving boiler work.

"Notice" the implementation of the guidance, "the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the overall strengthening of environmental protection and resolutely fight tough fight pollution prevention advice" and other documents, adhere to safety first, prevention first, the five principles of energy saving, comprehensive management implement energy saving boiler from the production, import, sale, use and other aspects of business to post the main responsibility, and strengthen supervision and management of Eng environmental Protection in the "special equipment Catalog" range of boilers, and comprehensively promote energy-saving environmental governance boiler.

First, across the country, in principle, to a new 10 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers and, in key areas (and the surrounding areas of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta region and Fenwei plain) and the rest of the city built the county level and above New District, in principle, to 35 tons of steam / hour of coal-fired boilers.

Second, the new coal-fired boiler emission concentration of air pollutants key areas need to meet ultra-low emission (6% on the basis of the reference oxygen, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration of not more than 10,35,50 mg / m) requirements.

Third, the area reserved execution key boiler air pollutant emission limits or special places more stringent emission standards, 65 t steam / hour coal-fired boiler and above all of the ultra-low emissions and energy transformation embodiments, a low nitrogen gas boiler is substantially complete transformation.

"Notice" also stressed the upgrade boilers with energy and environmental conservation requirements. Boiler units to implement the main responsibility for ensuring that the boiler energy efficiency and emissions of air pollutants meet legal regulations, technical specifications and requirements of the relevant standards in China.

Fourth, for the boilers do not meet environmental requirements, and use shall take appropriate measures for improvement, if after rectification not meet the requirements, be allowed to continue to use.

Fifth, the boiler unit to apply for emission permits in accordance with laws and regulations, and to establish their own monitoring system, strict discipline and preservation of the environment management accounting, timely and relevant departments to prepare and submit emission permits implementation report.

Sixth, the boiler unit to promptly take the initiative to report the boiler equipment obsolete, and apply for cancellation of the boiler use registration shall not be obsolete boilers to move equipment or put into use again.

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