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Dealer price for boiler of 1000 liter

Steam and Hot Water Boilers What is the difference: Steam and Hot Water Boilers What is the difference between the difference in use of the dealer price for boiler of 1000 liter, steam boiler and hot water boiler are many:? The main boiler steam boiler, steam as a heat transfer medium The main advantages are: a small thermal inertia, heat faster when the steam supply, while the cold steam stop something else. 2. Low cost, wide adaptability, to meet the various requirements of users with different heat requirements for simultaneous pressure and temperature;. 3, non-toxic, food can be heated directly, even if there is no leaking cause environmental hazards; 4 high steam temperature, a large latent heat of vaporization, the heat transfer area can be reduced relative to the hot water device, reduce costs;. Since the heating medium steam condensate recovery is difficult, resulting in waste and water latent heat. Even with condensate recovery, condensate recovery in the process, because water easily dissolved oxygen and other impurities, but also easy to cause harm to the boiler. Oxygen to water, salt and other impurities cause boiler fouling and corrosion problems affecting the safety and energy efficiency of the boiler water as a heat medium for air conditioning, heaters, low temperature oven drying apparatus, hot water tank and each textile species of low-temperature heating, air conditioning equipment and heat transfer coil. Hot water as a heat medium has the following advantages: 1. Generally the lower the heat medium water temperature of the heat medium, and large temperature difference between the flue gas, boiler exhaust gas temperature is relatively low, and thus higher boiler efficiency. 2. Closed hot water supply system small amount of water and sewage rate is much smaller than the steam boiler, waste water is also smaller. And lower boiler water quality requirements, less the cost of water treatment. 3. The specific heat capacity of water is large, a large hot water system capacity, strong heat storage capacity. When the thermal conditions or hydraulic failure condition a short time, without significantly heating conditions cause large fluctuations. 4. pump hot water heating system can be used for long-distance transportation, a small heat loss, heating large radius, to adapt to the requirements of urban planning central heating. Steam and Hot Water Boilers What is the difference? The most fundamental difference is that a hot water for a steam, hot water boiler is the production of hot water for heating boiler. Hot water boiler and steam boiler are water as the working fluid, which produce steam, hot water production former.

Easy maintenance: There are movable smoke box doors in the front and back of the dealer price for boiler of 1000 liter, and there are observation holes and inspection holes in the rear of the boiler, which can be checked and cleaned up in the furnace. The manhole is set up on the furnace body, and the structural design takes the convenience of future repair and maintenance into full consideration.

Hot water dealer price for boiler of 1000 liter is one of the important equipment for the district to provide our real estate company, and two gas hot water provide the fast boiler boiler flotilla of environmental performance, in full compliance with state regulations after smoke was detected in the rear of the boiler. And boiler operation is safe, stable, we use the very at ease. --customer feedback

CBM has provided dealer price for boiler of 1000 liter solutions to more than 10,000 customers, and the paper industry has always been a major supplier of boilers. According to the experience of CBM's cooperation with various enterprises in the paper industry in different countries and regions for many years, most paper mills use steam boilers. There are many kinds of CBM steam boilers, which are divided into various steam products according to the fuel structure and performance.

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