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Based things, cloud computing, big data technology, fast Boiler actively exploring innovative operating mechanism diesel boiler for water heating safety, independent research and development of the boiler cloud services on-line monitoring system. This system realizes the remote monitoring of the boiler, real-time understanding of boiler operation data and other functions to ensure the healthy operation of the boiler in the state, to achieve the lowest energy consumption and minimize emissions, safe and secure, which is equivalent to each boiler is equipped with a " private doctor".

Fast diesel boiler for water heating with a wealth of industry experience in the development and manufacture of low and ultra-low nitrogen nitrogen gas boiler, not only to provide users meet the requirements of the new boiler low nitrogen, low nitrogen transformation in gas boiler also has many advantages for Daly, Mengniu and many large enterprises to provide a complete low nitrogen transformation processing scheme to obtain a significant effect after execution.

What are the advantages of a common hot water diesel boiler for water heatings and air heat pumps have? 1, if you are the steam boilers, hot water heated by steam, the biggest advantage is cost savings for water treatment, thermal efficiency although almost, but it is still the most comprehensive savings. After the required heating bath of water vapor, the steam is condensed to be a relatively low temperature of the water, the water may be reheated directly back to the boiler. 2, if the direct use of hot water boiler, bath water directly from the hot water supply, will greatly increase the cost of water treatment - Without treatment, after long-term use, hot water boiler heating surface is bound to be a lot of fouling, affecting heat transfer and thermal efficiency. 3, air source heat pumps is the use of a compressor to heat the working fluid, if large quantities of water, it also faces the problem of water treatment. Taken together, if large quantities of water, or the first way is best.

Selection of which parameters should be fired hot water diesel boiler for water heating attention? At the time of purchase gas hot water boiler, a measure of compliance with our actual needs, which is one of the important parameters sophisticated standards. Then, gas hot water boiler selection should pay attention to what parameters is performed? Fuel (1) Boiler consumption of this parameter is determined by many factors such as boiler and auxiliary of compatibility, the use of boiler technology and, therefore, low fuel consumption, high thermal efficiency, begins with the side reflects the cost of the boiler. Thermal efficiency (2) of the boiler, in fact, the thermal efficiency of the boiler and boiler for the relevant institution benefits are closely related, high thermal efficiency, to a certain extent, you can also save operating costs boilers. Of course, there are the rated thermal power, heating area, the cycle of water, out of the water temperature rated these parameters will have some reference value for our selection, basically, to our actual situation with reasonable contrast, should help to we chose a table in a reasonable tonnage boiler.

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