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This type of diesel fired boiler companies pipes meter installation requirements are as follows: 1, with the drum in water table elevation in the normal water line deviation between ± 2mm. It should accurately indicate the highest security level, minimum security level and normal water level. 2, the water table should turn on the water valve (or turn on the water faucet) and put the water to a place of safety. 3, the pressure gauge should be installed to facilitate observation and purged impact position and protected from high temperatures, freezing and vibration. 4, gas steam boiler pressure gauge should trap should be fitted between the plug gauge and the trap to a purge line, unloading gauge change. 5, should be marked on the dial face has a red line indicating the work pressure boilers. 6, after the hydrostatic test safety valve should complete the installation of boilers, pressure safety valve should be adjusted at the time of the initial Stoke. Safety valve should be installed in exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe should pass a safe place, and there is sufficient cross-sectional area to ensure smooth exhaust. Safety valve exhaust pipe should be equipped with a bottom drain pipe grounding a place of safety, on the exhaust pipe and do not allow the drainage pipe valving. 7, independently of each boiler should be installed outfall, sewage elbows should be minimized to ensure smooth and sewage to the outdoors a safe place, a combined total of several sewage, must have proper safety measures adopted stressful blowdown expansion tank should be fitted with a safety valve on the sewage tank.

How to choose Industrial Boiler

In order to achieve certain temperature conditions in the process of production and manufacture, metallurgical, chemical, food processing and other industries often use some high-quality industrial boilers as heating equipment, and the stability and safety of the operation of these equipment, There are even environmental protection and durability of enterprises have attracted wide attention. So for the enterprise, how can we choose a high-quality industrial boiler?

1, the choice of reliable boiler quality means that the material of industrial boiler itself should be able to withstand any environmental use, which requires the material of the selected industrial boiler to reach a certain level. At present, the excellent steam industrial boilers are forged by 360Ti stainless steel. They have good corrosion resistance in the heating process and can keep stable operation in the long-term uninterrupted heating state.

2, it is necessary to select the industrial boiler with large water capacity because the continuous heating is needed in the industrial production process, which requires the industrial boiler to have the characteristics of continuous and stable heating. The selection of industrial boilers with large water capacity can ensure that the water level fluctuation in the industrial boilers is small, and the heat transfer efficiency of the whole equipment will be more adequate and the heat transfer efficiency will also be higher. And this point the enterprise can obtain the corresponding information according to the product specification or consult the manufacturer.

To accelerate the low nitrogen transformation gas diesel fired boiler companies in each area of ​​Xian, October 23, 2018, liberation of the door street in charge of leading Korean right lead a public person with low nitrogen regional transformation slow the unit door butt again, and supervise the various units to speed up progress, by the time limit to complete the task of transformation.

1, Imperial Square area, parking building, Suntech Lane three projects reflect seven plots site inspections carried out two times, road construction site clean and moist, well-covered, site supervision and regular opening spraying dust and other facilities, strict implementation of air pollution control measures.

2, the region west of Seven Road, Sheung Tak Road, west along the eight dining pollution checks to ensure that all food and beverage outlets normal use of fume purification facilities, and urge all stores on a regular basis to do routine maintenance.

How the fire tube diesel fired boiler companies performance advantages like: fire-tube boiler, also known as shell type boilers. The basic structure is mounted within a large cylinder (potshell) small cylinder tube (appellation "fire control"), or other shaped housing (title "furnace"), and the fire tube and forming large cylindrical insulating jacket clip sleeve receiving water, and the fire-tube combustion chamber and the flue purported furnace, flame or smoke receiving, heat produced by combustion or flue gas through the fire wall to bring water to pass.

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