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Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas steam boiler project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.

Resulting in no water because the boiler boiler is a special operating device, it is through energy conversion, the converted obtain steam, hot water, but it has transitioned easily occur no water phenomenon, gave the following tell you about the reason no water equipment: 1, the valve, the valve drum, Sheung Shui master valve in any stagnant water are a close. 2, on frozen water pipes or valves. 3, the drain valve is damaged or the drain valve is not fully closed. 4, the pressure to pump enough. 5, boiler feed water pump to the water supply pipeline rupture than pot. 6, the valve, the valve drum, the main valve of any one Sheung Sheung hose rupture or bad. 7, boiler leak. After boiler boiler conversion, output out steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier has a certain energy, so that it no water problem is very serious, we must pay attention to it, ensure the normal operation.

The inspection requirements for boiler welded joints are made on the basis of listening to the opinions of the relevant units and referring to the regulations of the relevant codes. This code does not require gas-phase furnace and liquid-phase furnace respectively, but different requirements according to different pressure components. 1. The longitudinal ring weld seam of the boiler drum and the joint of the head of the boiler shall be ray or ultrasound plus at least 25% ray detection, which is basically consistent with the requirements of the current steam boiler and diesel hot water boiler manufacturing in philippines code, Only the requirement for ultrasonic plus at least 25% x-ray flaw detection has been added, the same as the 80 version steam boiler code requirements. This provision mainly considers ultrasound plus 25% X-ray detection, complete The defects in the weld can be detected to meet the safety requirements, and the production cost can be reduced. 25% X-ray inspection must include the longitudinal seam and the circumferential cross joint. 2. The inspection of the butt joint of the heating surface pipe is required according to the different heat condition. Heat is different from radiative heat and convective heat. In the draft for advice, 25% and 10% spot tests are prescribed respectively. Among the feedback, some thought the requirement was lower, and suggested that it should be changed to 50%; some thought the requirement could be lower. Through analysis and research, we have adopted the latter opinion that the radiation range is no less than 10%. X-ray inspection; convective section not less than 5% X-ray detection. Gas shielded welding should be adopted in butt weld of heated surface pipe, and the quality can be guaranteed. In addition, the method of flaw detection and the calculation of sampling rate are stipulated in this regulation, which makes this procedure more operational. 3. Except for the drum of the gas furnace, the boiler drum of the liquid phase furnace, the heating surface pipe of all organic heat carrier furnaces and the butt joint of the pipe shall not be required to carry out the mechanical performance test. Therefore, this regulation only for gas boiler drum batch production of each 10 to do a test plate. There is no requirement for a test board in any other case. . The use pressure of liquid phase furnace is relatively low. At the same time, not only the welding method is specified clearly in this code, but also the requirements for welding procedure evaluation are put forward, which can guarantee the quality and performance of welding seam.

(2) The ignition temperature rises, and the initial temperature rise and pressure increase is slow. Generally, the time from the initial boost to the working pressure is about 3~4h, and the water level gauge should be flushed during this period. At the same time, observe whether the pressure gauges on both sides of the steam boiler are consistent, and check whether there is any leaking steam at the inlet.

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