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Which key points need to be seen when selecting Industrial Boiler

Industrial boilers are divided into two uses, one for power generation and the other for steam use. For now, most industrial boilers are mainly coal-fired and gas-fueled, and all the coal-fired boilers will be replaced by gas-fueled boilers. At present, in China, the industrial boiler market has become saturated, so in this market environment, which points should we pay attention to when we choose to buy industrial boilers?

1, the big difference between the normal industrial boiler and the ordinary boiler is that it is used for industrial use, and it is completely different from the small boiler which is usually used to heat water and bathe. Industrial use requires it to have enough quality assurance to meet its industrial needs. So when we choose to purchase, we must choose large, regular and reliable industrial boiler manufacturers to purchase.

2, looking at the boiler user feedback good rating, user feedback information is sometimes closer to the product itself. And a good quality product in the user feedback must have a high degree of evaluation. Therefore, the good rating of industrial boiler users is a very heavy reference value when we choose. When we make the purchase, we can find its own good rating from some channels in advance in order to buy high-quality industrial boilers.

3, to see if the boiler safety is enough for blast furnace industrial boiler, as a large-scale industrial equipment, will be frequently used in the industry, then should pay special attention to the safety performance, in order to reduce unnecessary dangerous situation. So this requires us to put safety at the top of the list when we buy industrial boilers, and this is the first thing we need to pay attention to.

Distinguish different tonnage of do steam boilers have expansion tankss and steam boiler how to generate superheated steam, which is a specific kind of boiler, but also in the product website, it is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, in order to make proper use of the product and good use performance and results. So, based on this, the next job is to explain the steam boiler-related knowledge, a sizeable increase everyone expertise in this area. 4 tons and 6 tons of steam boilers 1. Is there a difference? Steam boiler, which can have different tonnage, such as 4 tons and 6 tons. These two steam boilers tonnage to compare, we can draw the conclusion that they are slightly different, in addition to differences in the tonnage outside, on the boiler Size is not the same. Moreover, at rated power, 4 tons 4 tons per hour of steam boilers provide steam and 6 tons of steam boilers to provide six tons of steam per hour. 2. After a power outage, steam boilers which work should be done? The process steam boiler operation, if power outage occurs, an emergency DC power distribution chamber or automatically, the operator may turn the boiler standby power lighting. Operation during a power outage, the sequence shall be carried out and the requirements, to avoid boiler affected. 3. What kind of steam boiler to produce superheated steam? Back 10 tons of water steam boiler is how much? Want to generate superheated steam boiler steam is required this member boiler superheater. Furthermore, if only to eliminate the water-saturated steam, high pressure saturated steam can be turned into a low pressure saturated steam through a heat exchanger, which will form the low pressure steam superheated steam, and can simultaneously reduce the moisture content. 10 tons of steam boiler, which is calculated according to the theory, if back water, evaporation is equal to the amount of water back to the use of this formula, using the law of conservation of mass. However, in the boiler room design, even if all the steam condensate recovery, back to the actual amount of water can only be 80% of the amount of export steam, generally up less than 90%. So, we need to have a correct understanding at this point, can not go wrong.

The composition of the rice husk and the reactions that can take place in the combustion chamber and on boiler tubes are major contributory factors to the level of sintering, slagging, fouling and corrosion. It is thus very important that ash elemental analysis; a good knowledge Of ash composition, and the impact these have on the boiler at high temperatures and pressures are taken into account in the initial boiler design.

The theme of the conference is "clean low-carbon, Better Life", which is fast adhering to the party's "build clean fuel gas-fired boiler" concept coincide. After this symposium, party fast more clearly the future direction of development in the field of cleaning boilers, adhere to the road of independent research and development of new technologies, increase investment in research and development funds, is committed to develop cleaner and more environmentally friendly boiler equipment, "blue sky project" to make its own contribution!

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