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Double drum 4 ton diesel fired boiler

In order to implement the CPC Central Committee stressed that the spirit of environmental protection, and improve ambient air quality, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, along the beach area Market Supervisory Authority vigorously upgrading coal-fired double drum 4 ton diesel fired boilers, coal-fired and successfully completed in 2018 within the jurisdiction of the county built-up area boiler out of the task.

It is reported that, along the beach area at the beginning of market Administration issued the "Notice on coal-fired boilers to establish long-term mechanism of control", strictly review the coal-fired boilers within the jurisdiction registered good customs, the illegal construction of coal-fired boilers firmly prohibit the registration, not be released "using the registration certificate." According to statistics, in 2018 a total cancellation of 38 coal-fired boiler units, which use the unit actively kills six, lost to corporate announcements of cancellation 32; guide the completion of the upgrading of clean energy companies working two boilers. Coal-fired boiler built in the region's county area have been "cleared."

This year, the beach area along Market Authority will also continue to promote the long-term control mechanisms coal-fired boilers, the "look back" checks that have been written off non-removal of equipment companies to speed up the removal of facilities and equipment, have been banned to prevent the resurgence of coal-fired boilers; non coal-fired boiler built in the county area, program of work, to prevent companies using untested boiler, timely elimination of scrap cancellation of registration.

Troubleshooting natural gas hot water double drum 4 ton diesel fired boiler gas hot water boiler is a product of the lives of ordinary people in recent years gradually changed for the better considered routine for the major small farm house, a large villa, guest houses, hotels and other places, and due to its configuration according to the level of you can choose different models, so much new and old customers alike, but even the best machines a long time will go wrong, failure is inevitable, this chapter is to introduce the next several common faults and processing natural gas boiler method. 1, the phenomenon of overpressure overpressure shutdown phenomenon is willing to improper operation, such that the pressure medium element main pressure exceeds the maximum pressure which allows the calculation, after reaching the warning line, safety braking device will automatically shutdown the boiler, here to give our customers mind you, do not use the report to increase the braking device security cordon to try to go to the lower regulation, which is to protect the safety of the method. Symptom Cause: the cause of this phenomenon are: safety valve, pressure gauge disrepair; fireman off-site, undergo, did not reach the monitoring functions of the equipment; boiler pressure diminished capacity in a long time. The main solution: develop a sound system, strengthen the comprehensive management, regular maintenance of the boiler shutdown. 2, scale and corrosion phenomena in the boiler water scale is calcium and magnesium salts factors at pressure and temperature through a series of physical and chemical reactions to produce the main source is a boiler heating surface dirt and scale junction , while the interior of the boiler scale would cause severe corrosion over time will affect the life of the boiler phenomenon reasons: long-term scale in the boiler, and the water quality in the muddy section does not deal with; the main solution: soft water production device the timing of water quality monitoring, regularly clean up the furnace shutdown of scale, in order to ensure clean, gas-fired furnace more about hot issues fault you online consulting engineers!

What is the reason of the rapid development of the gas double drum 4 ton diesel fired boiler? As technology advances the efficiency of the boiler equipment has also been upgrading a lot of times, a new generation of gas-fired boilers are research and development costs, mainly energy this equipment from the gas boiler, use only very convenient, but to boil water It has been effectively improved. Today's gas-fired boiler has been applied to many industries, for people to bring efficiency also brings development. In the domestic market in the boilers, gas boilers can be said to have almost replaced other types of boiler equipment, but the main reason is because of their high efficiency and safety of the gas boiler, safety and efficiency are issues the industry will consider when choosing a boiler , fitness of these two gas-fired boilers will be reflected most vividly in the conventional boiler equipment, there have been many problems, to staff their own security and development of the industry have caused serious injury. The advantages of gas-fired boiler itself have very much, but also for the industry to save energy is also very much the industry input costs to a minimum, in the past, the use of staff in the use of traditional boiler equipment, several staff members need to invest in order to control it is for the industry to increase a lot of cost, which is to contain one of the main development of the industry, although the industry also found this, but the reasons behind the technology, which is also very helpless industry.

Corrosion is a serious hazard gas double drum 4 ton diesel fired boiler run time, the danger goes without saying that a lot of companies use gas-fired boiler units attach great importance to the boiler corrosion protection measures, and achieved some success. It should be emphasized that not only corrosion occurs during operation of the gas central heating boiler, if not take appropriate protective measures during boiler outage, will enter the oxygen in the gas boiler wet metal surface corrosion, this corrosion caused by damage to the gas boiler, much more often than in the serious corrosion in boiler operation, therefore, must draw our attention.

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