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According to instructions, "Neijiang City in 2017 and phase out coal-fired duel fuel type boiler desulphurization facilities construction program of work", before the end of this year, the city built-up area will be fully phased out in Neijiang City, 10 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers and a total of 46 units. Among them, a small city in district out of coal-fired boilers 26, and phase out coal-fired small boilers Dongxing District 15, Neijiang Economic Development Zone small coal-fired boilers out of five. At the same time, accomplish four Chuansha Qi Industrial Co., Ltd. Two 20 tons of steam / hour or more coal-fired boiler desulphurization facilities. A ban on new urban area 20 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers, other counties (cities, districts) in principle, the new 10 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers. Out of the way including demolition scrap, coal to gas, coal and electricity upgrade boiler swap with large capacity.

We understand that the new Neijiang 20 tons of steam / hour for coal-fired boilers built-up areas, the new 10 steam tons / hour or less fixed asset investment projects in other areas of development and reform, economic and information technology departments will not be approved, approval and filing, environmental protection departments at all levels shall not pass environmental impact assessment, quality supervision departments at all levels do not accept the installation told not arrange supervision and inspection, no special equipment issued registration certificate. Quality supervision departments at all levels cancellation of special equipment for the boiler has been out of use registration certificate to prohibit the production of boiler manufacturers boiler does not meet industrial policy.

Description gas hot water duel fuel type boiler prices and specifications, etc. For example: gas hot water boiler in the boiler, this a boiler is one of the site because of its products, so it is necessary to carry out their learning and understanding, and, it is also necessary to be performed. Because, if you do not, then, it will affect the overall understanding of the product's Web site, so the next, it is better to begin immediately, so you can let everyone have learning content and learning objectives. 1. gas hot water boiler and gas steam boiler, its simple distinction, what it is? In addition, the type or tonnage of gas hot water boiler, what? Gas and gas hot water boiler steam boiler, a simple difference between them, the former is an apparatus for the hot water, while the latter, is an apparatus for the steam. The type or tonnage of gas hot water boiler, which is more common and commonly used, there is a 0.7,1.4,2.1,2.8, and 7 and so these, the unit is MW. 2.46MV gas hot water boiler, its price is how much is? 46MV gas hot water boiler, which can be regarded as large boilers, if used for heating, then, can be hundreds of thousands of square heating. So, for its production, is the need to step-wise, it is impossible at once. And on its price, in general, at least, a few million dollars more than it should be.

Former vertical steam duel fuel type boiler overhaul what to do to prepare? Many enterprises in order to be able to produce sufficient power will choose to use vertical steam boiler, however, even if it is high quality and reliable vertical steam boiler, still produce some of the inevitable loss during use, so the need for maintenance on a regular basis, in order to be able to to discover and deal with these problems, avoid accidents. What you need to do to prepare it before performing vertical steam boiler maintenance? 1, to determine the category of boiler maintenance and repair information over the years of operation, security equipment, equipment defects, mechanical wear records based on vertical steam boiler, combined with the enterprise's production to determine the category of boiler maintenance, boiler repair plan to make arrangements. 2, in accordance with the necessary technical preparations vertical steam boiler overhaul category of standard items in the maintenance and improvement of equipment and projects, according to the quality standards of technical requirements, prepare plans and documents, the construction process of technical preparations. At the same time proposed raw materials, spare parts, tools and plans to make material preparations. 3, check to make sure a variety of repairs shutdown as planned quotas to stop boilers, vertical steam boiler for a detailed examination of the internal and external, proofreading boiler drawings for its consistent with the actual situation, evaluate the technical condition of equipment, changes and additions to the standard project content, and according to further modify and full materials, spare parts, tools. And to determine the large, labor quotas and minor repairs of equipment repair downtime quotas, make economic budget. 4, good maintenance arrangements for the security measures, the preparation schedule, designate a person responsible for the organization construction of power, with on-site technical guidance and quality inspection. In the construction process overhaul vertical steam boiler, strict quality standards to improve the quality of maintenance. These are the vertical steam boiler in the need to prepare well in advance of the preparatory work before the overhaul. For businesses, the purchase well-known vertical steam boiler is only the beginning to ensure the production of power, only if the correct operation of steam boilers, and regularly do maintenance to ensure vertical steam boiler can provide about as adequate power and heat , in order to play the power production enterprises.

In the slaughterhouse of one of our customer were installed to provide energy for domestic hot water generation and heating by horizontal steam duel fuel type boilers.

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