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Natural gas electricity natural gas vacuum water tube boiler dealer parameters detailed explanation of commonly used natural gas boiler consists mainly of three types namely natural gas boiler pressure, boiler pressure natural gas, natural gas boiler vacuum, then according to this classification can be divided into different sizes, different types of models, we focus on in this chapter for everyone WNS introduced under pressure natural gas boiler. WNS pressure natural gas boiler according to its lowest evaporation is 1 ton maximum is 20 tons.

Selection of vacuum gas hot water electricity natural gas vacuum water tube boiler dealer buying and selling since ancient times is the opposite process, but we both are indispensable when purchasing selection of vacuum gas hot water boiler should be noted that the selection of methods and techniques, in particular, how can we buy I just to meet the needs of equipment, not a waste, but also small, Xiao Bian gave you the selection of science under the following tips vacuum gas hot water boiler: 1, we must first determine what their needs are for example, I need to use hot water guests, guests can use the hot water 24 hours, this time we need to calculate how many tons of water to meet the needs of so many people, how many people need, then calculate under the premise of this business in accordance with the needs of the best time how much water, how much water most of the time with light. 2, read the information through their own needs or contact the manufacturer search parameters such as my side need to use 2 tons of hot water, burning two tons per hour needed for hot water to customers, and then we have access to matching based on information provided by the boiler plant model is a vacuum gas hot water boiler ZWNS1.4MW of. 3, air consumption calculation boiler example just as we selected two tons gas hot water boiler, a conventional side air consumption per hour is 160, and developed such fast Henan local energy-efficient vacuum gas hot water boiler requires only 140 side, the boiler uses a standard three-cycle to maximize resource savings, of course, more details need to consult the factory for more detailed information. 4, the lower the cost of computing down all the budget we all know that heating water is heated according to the number of degrees to calculate the gas consumption increase or decrease, of course, need the support pipe, labor and other costs of which they need a clearly calculated, calculated rates than, simply, I bought this equipment is used to make money, how much money is the key. 5, the last after-sales service is also very crucial point which needs to be considered big brand manufacturers, because only big business sale is in the country have that with this high-quality after-sales service is very convenient for us of. Well, I am sure the purchase of vacuum gas hot water boiler with better judgment just by the selection of analysis.

Food processing industry uses steam electricity natural gas vacuum water tube boiler dealers which operate food processing industry often use to steam boilers of various food processing operation is mainly carried out, in particular, a variety of breads or crackers and dairy enterprises to use more frequently, because the professional steam boiler with a good the thermal energy conversion and the ability to run stable, so use in the food processing industry will not only help businesses complete and efficient processing operations, but also to maintain clean and sanitary clean food processing implementation of environmental protection. Following small to lead everyone together at understanding the food processing industry uses steam boilers mainly operating items: first, boiling the food industry often require a lot of boiling can be achieved cooked food processing, can be completed quickly and efficiently through steam boiler boiling processing operations for different food processing quality requirements for foods high in particular for the hygiene, so only choose environmentally friendly high steam boiler no pollution to meet the needs of those who fried. Second, in many food processing distillation further need for effective distillation, distillation is the moisture in various food effectively separated by the steam boiler, the boiler is operated by distillation high vacuum to ensure not only food flavor, but also a variety of water inside the fast food apart from effective, ready for the next step of food processing operations. Third, disinfection and drying foods such as crackers or bread and meat, etc. need to be disinfected drying operation, is also inseparable from the operation of steam boilers to use, and fast food by high-temperature steam boilers have the advantage of high-temperature steam persons and foods after steaming who finished drying disinfection reach the standard, not only through the use of steam boilers safe and easy to control temperature and pressure, avoid food drying too far or moisture content higher processing negative phenomena . The total square of the steam boiler in the food processing industry can play a role in self-evident, and can achieve a variety of machining operations functions, in addition to boiling or distillation can also be extracted and disinfection drying and curing, etc., With good service, good after-sale steam boiler can not only ensure that the food processing industry to have efficient processing technique, but also to ensure food production standards of food hygiene and clean up to more demanding.

It is reported that in the phase-out of coal-fired electricity natural gas vacuum water tube boiler dealer reconstruction project, Jinan City, Shandong Province Finance Bureau has appropriated out of the transformation of coal-fired boilers municipal county area of ​​awards and subsidies 310 million yuan for the enterprises, units out of coal-fired boilers and special awards subsidy.

The allocation of financial awards complement funds, aims to accelerate the transformation of the city's coal-fired boilers out of work, to further improve air quality, according to the municipal government office "on accelerating the transformation of the city's coal-fired boilers out of work notice" (Ji Zheng Ban word [2017] 4) the requirements of the embodiment.

According to the municipal environmental protection department statistics, in 2017 the transformation range Jinan included in the elimination of 35 tons of steam and the following business units of coal-fired boilers 323 units, 1605 tons of steam coal-fired boiler units of 69, 189 tons of steam; the need for ultra-low emissions the transformation of more than 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers of 94, 14 960 tons of steam. The issued rewards and subsidies, the Municipal Finance Bureau to take "the first disbursement, after the liquidation," the way out of the transformation of the inclusion of ultra-low emissions and transform the scope of coal-fired boilers in 2017 the implementation of full coverage, in accordance with the award criteria make a one-time pre dial counties and districts, counties and districts in the implementation of rehabilitation programs out of the boiler can award up early disbursement of funds of enterprises and units, to be enterprise, unit after the completion of the transformation carried out of funds liquidation.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Finance Bureau called on counties and district financial departments should closely cooperate with the environmental protection department, the main responsibility for the effective implementation of good out of the transformation of coal-fired boilers, will award up funds earmarked for municipal 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and substitution and elimination more than 35 tons of steam coal-fired boiler reconstruction project of ultra-low emissions (including troops out of coal-fired boiler replacement) cash incentives and subsidies, strengthen capital management, give full play to the financial capital efficiency.

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