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Car accessories types of complex processing, such as the interior wall Peng, floor, seats, instrument panels, sound systems, many processes required in a high temperature environment, the temperature becomes optional metrics wind Visteon hot water boiler. It is reported that Dongfeng Visteon existing boiler equipment can not reach the growing production needs, the introduction of fast boiler production of two parties often piezoelectric hot water boiler (CWDR1.8-95 / 70-II) in 2017.

First, the water supply and maintenance methods 1. boiler must be a qualified treatment, which is to extend the life of the boiler, ensure the safe operation of the important issues. 2. The water temperature should be close to the furnace temperature, preferably above 20 ℃. 3. The need for low-water cutoff periodically inspect maintenance and cleaning. Water Level Controller cleaned at least once a month, rinse water table at least once a day. Rinse water table should be at the highest level; after flushing the water level should not be less than the minimum safe level, not as a net wash, can wash many times, but it must be flushed at the highest level. 4. require periodic blowdown operation, daily (per shift) at least once, after the sewage drain valve should be checked whether the influence by dirt and leaks; if it must be excluded. 5. Shutdown the steam pressure is not maintained, the boiler will produce steam space negative pressure air entrapment, and therefore should rise again to the fire burning total steam valve is opened. 6. smoke tube fouling will lead to increased exhaust gas temperature, so that boiler efficiency is lowered, so that the fuel consumption increases, it should periodically open the front door, brushing or blow smoke tube fouling. 7. boiler safety valve in the boiler normal automatic operation, is not open, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of accessories.

Henan gas boiler water level adjusting operation when the object is to ensure adjustment of water balance, i.e., equal to the amount of main steam to water, to prevent excessive fluctuations in the water level. Level is too low, it may cause the downcomer with gas, the circulating flow of water head pressure is reduced, the safety of the natural water cycle is reduced, if the gas boiler feedwater Henan interrupt continuous operation, it might appear in the tens of seconds "Griddle." Henan gas boiler water level is too high, water separation space height will result in reduced steam with water, steam quality deterioration (mechanical vapor carrying the increase will result in salt content), there will be serious when the bubble filled with water, resulting in a large number of steam with water, high salt content of the steam superheater severe fouling, resulting in over-temperature burst pipe wall, can also cause water hammer and steam turbine main steam pipe, the impact of safe and economic operation of the device. Also, keep the balance of water and evaporation, prevent water shortages (or full of water) accident. Boiler operation and regulating water flow according to the change of the load, uninterrupted by the water level of the water table supervision pot. Boiler water level should be kept at a normal water level line, and 50 to allow the fluctuations in a normal water line. In order to maintain the normal water level, the water level to be adjusted according to the load of Henan gas boiler. Henan gas boiler in the low load operation, the water level should be slightly higher than normal level, the load increases to prevent the water level drops too low; boiler high load operation, the water level should be slightly below the normal water level, the water level rises so as to reduce the load too high. In the run Henan gas boiler should pay to achieve a smooth, even, because of changes in water level will steam pressure, steam temperature fluctuate. Time and method of water supply should be appropriate. Water supply time interval is too large, too much time to the water, the steam pressure is difficult to stabilize; do not weaken the water supply when burned, which causes steam pressure drop.

Fuel boiler emergency disposal plan In sum fuel boiler is a pressure device, it often is running at high temperatures, but also suffering from wear and corrosion of the fly ash in the flue gas of harmful substances. If poor management, improper use, boiler accident occurs, a vicious explosion can occur in severe, irreparable loss of pressure in order to improve fuel boilers, pressure hot water boiler in operation sudden power failure or power anomalies ( If the voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the device is not working, etc.), water supply, external piping rupture emergencies rapid response and processing capabilities, to better protect the lives and property of the normal heating and employees, combined with the actual situation of boiler operation, emergency disposal plan to develop power, water supply, pipeline rupture. Fuel boiler emergency disposal plan in general we divided them into six major investigation and analysis that is incident reporting and handling, emergency measures and emergency measures to deal with the blackouts, water supply pipe rupture accident treatment measures and measures to deal with accidents and incidents. In the next article, we will introduce them in detail.

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