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What types of excellent electric driven hot water boilers pressure steam boiler pressure steam boilers are common varieties of life, the pressure steam boiler also has another name called non-pressure steam boiler. High-pressure steam boiler is durable boiler is not under pressure, so there is no security risk, can be used for heating and steam supply. Working pressure of steam boilers requires energy from different fuels, different fuel types depending on and separate. 1, the electric steam boiler is an electric steam boiler to maintain normal pressure, electricity, steam boiler heating power as energy. Meanwhile, a computer equipped with a dedicated controller. Using a temperature sensor may be adjustable form a circulation system. By continuous acquisition of temperature, accurate control and regulation of temperature, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and the automatic thermostat. 2, gas steam boiler with the implementation of the national natural gas project, gas boiler gradually been accepted. Gas steam boiler in a steam pressure of gas-powered boilers, gas steam boiler also requires computer controller. However, the difference is that electric steam boiler, gas steam boilers require the use of imported burner to heat water. 3, the fuel steam boiler can read the name of this steam boiler fuel steam boiler fuel in the fuel, including diesel, oil and kerosene. Fuel steam boiler burner needs to be, but the difference between the fuel gas steam boiler steam boiler and burner which is to be used.

After electric steam excellent electric driven hot water boilers shutdown, how maintenance? When long-term disabled electric steam boiler, furnace should pay great attention to external corrosion and maintenance problems. First, after power shutdown cooling steam boiler, the ash must be thoroughly cleaned and the heating surface fouling the upper grate, the lower portion of the furnace. Then to maintain a certain degree of natural ventilation flue. In general, in order desiccant moisture should be placed in the furnace, flue. The quicklime as a drying agent, within the furnace or flue gas per cubic meter should be placed generally about 3kg. After placing all the ventilation should be tightly closed doors. After the change of lime powder to be replaced. Low-lying position as boiler room, ground during shutdown severe flood tide, often approach should be used and placed a small fire to dry desiccant combination. If the boiler shutdown a long time, after the complete removal of soot coated with an anti-corrosion red lead paint in oil or other metal surface furnace. As for anti-corrosion maintenance methods inside the furnace shutdown, the shutdown Yaoan the length of time to be. In general, no more than one month shutdown maintenance wet available, more than one month should be taken to maintain dry. To note the following problems when a dry maintenance: desiccant boiler not in direct contact with the metal surface, may be mounted in a container such as the iron plate after the desiccant is placed, and a hole for shutting the other hand hole cover, valve steam, the water pipe change must cut lime powder should be replaced.

Cold days, as long as the use of pressure hot water excellent electric driven hot water boilers in place can feel like spring-like warmth, enjoy the convenience brought by the hot water. Suitable pressure hot water boiler can greatly enhance the quality of life of users. Pressure hot water boiler easy to use, but the user at the time of purchase, there are also confused how to buy, we bring you a look at how to choose the right pressure hot water boiler? 1, determining the purpose of buying boiler pressure hot water boiler to take into account, due to the use of different environments, user needs are also different. If the client needs heating, heating should be selected specific pressure hot water boiler, the hot water circulation pump circulating the hot water in the pipe, then the radiator (also referred radiator) for distributing the heat required to heat every corner. But only need to select the hot water supply of hot water dedicated pressure hot water boiler, hot water circulating through the heat pump so that the hot water tank is circulated, can achieve the purpose of supply of hot water; there are some users for heating and hot water there needs to be selected may increase the heat exchanger in the pipe system use either of pressure hot water boiler. 2, the heating area is determined, when the optional water pressure hot water boiler, to determine the amount of water used in the heating area or the desired properties, and then through the circulation amount calculated to determine how much capacity the boiler, accurate and scientific the calculation and design can satisfy normal use will not cause waste of resources. 3, to determine the fuel, style pressure hot water boiler equipment, electric hot water boilers, coal-fired and gas-fired hot water boiler These three types are more common. Electrical use electric water boilers using coal and natural gas as an energy source as an energy source, coal, gas hot water boiler.

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