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exported to saudi arabia 3 ton steam boiler

(5) Boiler with a steam pressure of 15.7 to 19.6 MPa at the outlet of the subcritical pressure boiler. China's power plant boiler current parameter series, the subcritical pressure boiler outlet steam pressure is specified to be 16.7MPa, the outlet steam temperature is 540 ° C or 555 ° C, a few is 570 ° C.

Shunde main business of special sea oil production and processing, etc., in the course of special oil refining, a large amount of steam required for oil and gas extraction, distillation and extraction technology and other aspects, therefore, the boiler is supplied special sea oil processing technology company Shunde indispensable less equipment. As environmental policy progresses, the chemical industry as more polluting industries are highly valued the various departments of quality supervision, sea Shunde companies to follow the development of the State Environmental Protection pace, choose clean the boiler industry-leading fast Boiler cooperation with the parties by quickly assess the specific needs on-site estimates and sea Shunde, to provide a SZS series of 25 tons of steam water tube exported to saudi arabia 3 ton steam boiler (SZS25-2.0-YQ).

Of course, a good boiler manufacturers also have a comprehensive after-sales service. When the boiler a security failure, can be early warning and alert the user to solve the problem in a short time, to avoid greater security and economic losses in a timely manner.

China CFB technology has been typically associated with small-scale industrial boilers using difficult fuels. But with the emergence of utility-scale commercial installations, ZG CFB boiler finds that this is changing.

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