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note! The risk of pressure hot water famous company which manufacture boilers in saudi arabia pressure use should not be underestimated! At present, many users for practical consideration, will secretly use the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, this risk is very large, fast boiler in Zhengzhou, Xiao Bian here to remind the user, must not be used as such, the following to analyze this abnormal operation in the form of risk is reflected in where and doing so: (1) on the boiler and the air exhaust pipe to do the same return pipe use, the boiler has been in a state of full water pressure . Doing so on the one hand there will be boiler water temperature is too high, the steam generated can not excrete, pressure rises, leaks, explosions; on the other hand timely boiler water temperature is not high, no steam is generated, but the presence of circulating pumps, boiler bear pressure thermal cycle is relatively large, there are also security risks. (2) Another case is mounted on the body pressure hot water boiler exhaust pipe diameter is too small, only some exhaust pipe diameter Ф20mm, steam generated in the furnace can not be quickly discharged out of the boiler body to bear there is a certain pressure and a certain degree of risk. (3) The pressure hot water boiler installed in basement, hot water tank on the top side, this hot water boiler at all times bear high static pressure provided by the storage tank, the higher floors, hot static pressure the higher the risk of pressure boiler has burst leakage may occur at any time.

Continue to promote the comprehensive management of dust pollution, coal-fired pollution control to strengthen and deepen the industrial pollution control and related fields, etc., which are from governance "Xining City 2018 air pollution comprehensive management action plan." Xining City, the official launch of construction on the "Xining blue" and maintain the action. Aspects of dust, industrial pollution, coal pollution will increase management and control, to develop specific control measures for building a better Xining efforts.

Since the launching of "Xining blue" action in the coal-fired pollution control, Xining City has accumulated more than 3,000 tons of steam "coal to gas," the task of governance, the main city of the city "coal to gas" campaign to take the lead. With the further implementation of the Blue Sky Project, Xining substantial increase in utilization of clean energy, significantly improve air quality of the environment, it has been among the five northwestern provinces in the forefront of the capital city.

Taking into account the special Xining City, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is located in the geographical location, the winter heating season is longer, coal dust is an important source of winter air pollution, while heating pipeline dredge more difficult, the implementation of the transformation plan will face difficulties pipeline reconstruction. To effectively improve urban air quality since 2013, Xining City, carry out a comprehensive "coal to gas" governance by supporting comprehensive measures upgrading natural gas pipeline network, such as the yellow car out of standard co-ordinate the promotion of winter clean, safe and efficient heating, achieved within the natural gas pipeline network coverage coal to gas works full coverage.

To promote the implementation of clean energy projects, Xining City, expand the scope of the ban on coal to 166 square kilometers, and implementation of the "coal to gas" in the natural gas pipeline network range, achieved in the area of ​​coal-fired boiler "cleared." Increase coal trading market will be rectified, completed a five coal market and coal two 49 business outlets, effectively reducing the use of inferior coal pollution on the surrounding environment.

According to the manufacturer's technical strength. To distinguish the quality of gas-fired condensing famous company which manufacture boilers in saudi arabias, we should also properly distinguish the technical mastery ability of the corresponding manufacturers, and the manufacturers have established a long-term capital chain firmly and reliably, and have a set of complete technical unique and mature condensing boiler production processes, And has the gas condensing boiler function to carry on the improvement and the development, so has the strength manufacturer to produce the processing gas condensing boiler equipment natural performance is worthy to believe. According to the long-term cooperation customer's intuitive evaluation of the equipment. Identifying the quality of gas-fired condensing boilers can be confirmed by the evaluation of successful cases served by the company and the hot-selling gas. Condensing boilers must supply a large number of factories and customers of gas-fired condensing boiler equipment, and in many users have the highest evaluation of after-sale, quality, service attitude and so on. Gas-fired condensing boiler with high reputation also shows that it is recognized by the market.

2 tph WNS condensing gas-fired famous company which manufacture boilers in saudi arabia for feed industryIn recent years, the feed industry in China has developed rapidly, the scale of enterprises has been continuously expanded, production capacity has been greatly improved, and the number of newly-built plants and reformed old plants has increased. Jinyang Feed is the first specialized, industrialized, large-scale and standardized producer of rabbit feed in Sichuan Province. For a long time, it has devoted himself to the research and development of high quality rabbit feed. Although feed formulations have the greatest impact on particle quality, steam conditioning can play a greater role on the basis of formula. In view of the importance of steam in feed production, Jinyang Feeds has communicated with ZOZEN salesmen several times, indicating that rabbit pellet feed needs saturation dry steam pressure between 0.35~0.45MPa, and finally decided to order one set of 2 tph WNS condensing gas boiler. ZOZEN boiler have been tested for energy efficiency by the Special Testing Institute Thermal Energy Testing Center, and all performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.

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