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Large electric steam fine boiler for hospitals which way to protect control: large-scale electric steam boilers what way can control the water level protection, Xiao Bian tell you: Visual water level gauge: according to the size of boiler capacity, water level generally have two forms: one of a monochromatic ; the other red and green. Electrode water level controller: With the electrodes to pump controller role, Henan hot water boiler water level control in a certain range and automatic feed water, boiler water level dropped to safe water line if the calls of alarm, at the same time, automatically turns on the pump to pay, Once the water level continues to drop to the limit level, the pump will immediately stop working at high capacity boiler, for help electric water valve linkage adjustment work to keep the water level stable operation.

This time, the party quickly staff also two school children brought nearly this reading materials, together with the 2017 contributions, a total of two school books donated more than 3000, to add more color to the world of children. Fang fast philosophy tells us that the work should be "fine industry", Jingye is to "+ dedicated professional", it requires us to "long-term focus and become an expert." Shu ten years, a hundred years trees, love must not be "superficial", and to focus on "little", and stick to it. This down a few years later, bit by bit we will help to gradually bear fruit, harvest fruit.

Which uses common knowledge on maintenance and gas hot water fine boiler for hospital there?

Gas hot water boiler by the pump, burner, heat transfer equipment, automatic control of electrical and complex mechanical structures in one of the high-tech a hot water supply, heating, with heating, hot water conduit system is correct or not will greatly affect the correct connection, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance and other safety performance and service life.

5.12 months warranty and supply service in fine boiler for hospital service life.

6. Comprehensive after-sales service.Can design layout drawings of boiler system according to your actual requirement.

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