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fire tube boiler for dry cleaning laundry

First, the correct operation of condensing gas fire tube boiler for dry cleaning laundry. Condensing boiler with a preset value the quality of work and the individual device operating parameters have a great relationship, when discrepancies operator to adjust the parameters of the amount of condensing boiler equipment presets and the environment, or the sequence of different operations confusion when may also lead to a condensing boiler use, the system Caton, leading to excessive condensation of water, low pressure or no change in temperature anomalies. Therefore, before using a condensing boiler and use it is best to have a professional guide and strictly follow the instructions.

AMD Power were to buy 10 tons of steam and one 4 tons of steam condensing steam fire tube boiler for dry cleaning laundry fuel gas from the company for cell processing company production and construction. From the analysis of the demand to the boiler factory, by the company solely responsible for AMD Power fully demonstrated the company's confidence in me, the smooth progress of bilateral cooperation.

When use of electric fire tube boiler for dry cleaning laundrys, power costs are: 1 kWh of heat is 860kcal / kWh × thermal efficiency of 90% = 774kcal / kWh; 1 tons of water power consumption of 35000kcal ÷ 774kcal / kWh = 45.22 degrees,

Water fitting accessories gas steam fire tube boiler for dry cleaning laundry steam boiler gas from two groups of spiral blade for uniform feed into the host machine, the spout into the mixing / stirring tank dry ash powder material supplied by the water supply means quantitative forced mixing, stirring, while We will meet the requirements of the material transport moisture to the discharge port, the purpose of eliminating dust. Take advantage of the characteristics of dust humidifier biaxially textured high stirring efficiency, tightly sealed system, no fly ash linen. Reducer compact, small footprint, stable transmission, low noise, uniform stirring blade good wear resistance, easy maintenance, reliable, high wear-resistant manganese steel blade structure, the device longer life than conventional devices, more durable. Connaught mechanical advantage Changzhou dust humidifier: a vibration system increases, so that it overcomes the problem of handling viscous dust-forming cylindrical wall bonded to, improve the adaptability humidifier, expanding the application range of the humidifier. And elastic coupling housing and the base, so that no influence on the whole rapping .2 native disposed flexible, chain drive and direct-coupled two forms, cycloidal gear reducer. Multi labyrinth seal grooves 3 in combination with a seal packing, reliable seal, shaft wear and light. 4 housing lined with wear-resistant iron-based alloy, high life, avoid excessive clearance gravity material caused by wear and tear. 5 large output (per hour stirrable humidification 200T), humidification uniform, reliable. 6 adjustable spray nozzle and a special water supply system, ensure that the material may be wet uniform. Dust humidifier often used in conjunction with other devices: star discharge: cutting object is uniform, to prevent damage to a large number of cutting the wire remote humidifying device: remote control, can save on labor costs! Pump: increasing the water pressure in the device, a larger area of ​​water diffusion, humidification better!

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