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Shrouded in fog and haze spawned fire tube boiler in khammam development in transition

Furnace heat loss is not the traditional unit fuel fire tube boiler in khammam, furnace purge caused by heat loss when the gas boiler ignition start. To ensure the shutdown, the safety of the ignition, fuel, gas boiler before ignition, must be shutdown after purging the furnace for about 15min, i.e. combustible gas with cool air blowing in the furnace. Thus the heat within the furnace is substantially consumed. In the early heating, the end to adapt to changes in load, inevitably frequent start and stop boiler, each will take away a lot of heat furnace. According to the analysis of heat loss due to the furnace purge due account for 5%, while atmospheric boiler module does not purge the furnace, there is no loss in this regard.

Recently, the Jiangsu provincial government issued "Jiangsu Provincial Environmental infrastructure building program for three years (2018-2020 years) notice", the "notice" clearly states that, by 2020, the province's natural gas power generation installed capacity reached 20 million kilowatts, total coal consumption reduce 32 million tons more than in 2016, non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to 11%. Encourage waste incineration plants, cement plants, coal-fired power plants, organic fertilizer plant and other social resources co-sludge treatment and disposal, and given tariff or price subsidies.

Before the end of 2019, according to planning requirements cogeneration, coal-fired boilers and small coal-fired thermoelectric backward within the range of 15 kilometers radius of more than 300,000 kilowatts of heating cogeneration power plants all closed down integration, encourage the integration of southern Jiangsu shut down 300,000 a small thermoelectric fired boilers and heating within 30 km radius kW and above cogeneration plant. Distributed as the focus, ordered Qin decentralized wind power, distributed photovoltaic development, accelerate the distributed energy market transactions, and can complement other types of multi-national and provincial pilot.

Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Waste Heat Boiler Types

Owing to the particularity of Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Waste Heat Boiler process and the complexity and diversity of the flue gas,copper smelting waste heat boilers,lead smelting waste heat boilers, zinc smelting waste heat boilers and fuming furnance waste heat boilers,which developed specially by our company have successfully solved such problems as fouling,wear,leakage,corrosion,at the same time this type Waste Heat Boiler For Sale with a certain degree of adaptability for the flue gas temperature,flue gas dust.The operation of Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Waste Heat Boiler played a positive role for full use of energy in China’s non-ferrous metals industry.

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