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When the auxiliary fire tube boiler in rewa maintenance shutdown 1, grate boiler: Check the grate wear cleared up the middle slot fouling, if necessary, replace the grate. Grate front axle oil level check, timely lubrication. Check whether the switch lever grate Flexible damper sides. Start fan running for 20 minutes, to grate fouling purge. 2, reducer: the oil discharge portion open vent hole, where the oil quality was observed. The need to replace all the oil inside the gear if necessary. 3, blowers: inspection hole open the fan, blade wear inspection, balancing the fan if required wear readjustment. Fouling bottom clean-up fan housing. Check the oil level air quality timely replacement of oil, add oil. Pairs of primers were cleaning the bottom of the blower housing. 4. Cleaner: Cleaner will take over the ditch water discharge submersible pumps, check Cleaner chain wear, replace valve if necessary chain. Check the Cleaner head bearing box oil level, add oil in a timely manner. 5, filter: filter for internal cleaning process. 6, the air compressor: compressor oil level check, timely oiling. After the dust clean-up is complete, turn on the air compressor to purge the filter to work. 7, chimneys: Open the bottom of the chimney, cleanup internal fouling. 8, decontamination: the decontamination out of the water valve closed, open decontamination hand hole, decontamination of sludge within the debris clean up, clean-up after the completion of the closed hand hole, out of the water valve and open the drain valve decontamination for decontamination flushing. After draining off water until the drain valve. 9, the valve: The pump room and the boiler room of the check valve, leaks, opening and closing is flexible tight.

The main purpose of the three gas-fired fire tube boiler in rewa, you know: the modern development of intelligent eliminated a lot of backward production capacity, also introduced a more more advanced production equipment, gas-fired boiler is one of them.

10 tons of gas hot water fire tube boiler in rewa depreciation calculation

Depreciation of fixed assets is due to the gradual wear and tear in the course of the transfer of goods or the cost of that part of the value to go, but also business due to the use of fixed assets and share in the production process over its useful life of fixed assets cost money.

10 tons of gas hot water boilers are industrial boiler, equipment belonging to the class. In accordance with the Enterprise Income Tax Law, depreciation of fixed assets a minimum period of 10 years, residual rate set at 5% or 10%. If the 10 tons / hr of a gas hot water boiler for heating use, should process equipment, mutatis mutandis, the age of 10 years. In calculating the depreciation of fixed assets, in addition to foreign-funded enterprises to deduct the residual value according to the proportion of 5%.

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