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Food processing industry as the foundation of human existence and life, in the face of more stringent food processing caused by fire tube boiler package exhaust pollution treatment, clean type of fuel gas-fired boiler choice of various food companies.

The party hot water fire tube boiler package output fast enough to provide high efficiency, give us save a lot of fuel costs, and exhaust gas discharged tested in full compliance with environmental regulations on emissions of air pollutants in Henan Province. Fast boiler responsible attitude also left us with a deep impression, overhaul maintenance problems for a number of aspects of boiler operation and post, sent a very professional technical staff and our butt, fireman guide our people, for the quick sale of party, we are also very satisfied. --customer feedback

Biomass Fuel: Rice husk, bagasse, straw, sugar cane,etc

Biomass fired cfb boiler for power plant

The hot water fire tube boiler package can provide a large amount of high pressure hot water, wet steam and superheated steam, but it can achieve a pressure of only 32 bar. Under today's technical conditions, the hot water temperature can reach 240 ° C, and the steam flow can reach 45 t / h. From the current popular point of view, the use of fast steam boilers to provide wet steam is the most ideal solution: compared to the wet steam provided by the former (relative humidity 2% to 3%), the relative humidity of the wet steam provided by the fast steam boiler is only 0.5%, which reduces the risk of steam condensation in the steam line and has very good heat transfer performance when used.

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