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Cade Shopping Mall is located in central Shanghai Hongkou District, Shanghai Daily larger flow of people in the region. The introduction of Shanghai air pollutant emission standards, fludised bed boiler power generation flue gas emissions of nitrogen oxide emissions to less than 80 mg / m, Shopping Mall a coal-fired boilers have been used for many years, NOx emissions far super to this request, the urgent need to replace more environmentally friendly low nitrogen emission boilers. Other units through the use of fast Boiler introduction and understanding, determined and fast boiler to achieve cooperation, party fast to their specific needs to recommend one condensing gas hot water boiler of a 4.2MW for heating needs of the shopping center.

How the production of industrial gas steam fludised bed boiler power generations choose? Gas-fired steam boilers for industrial production supporting the most widely used steam supply devices, and how to choose the industrial gas steam boiler is directly related to production efficiency and profitability, generally can be considered from product configuration, operation, safety, etc., in order to select the most suitable steam boiler. 1, Performance: the thermal efficiency of a steam boiler includes the exhaust gas temperature and the like, thermal efficiency as high as possible, the exhaust gas temperature is as low as possible. 2, Configuration: how to choose the industrial gas steam boiler, not just a body we want to choose the boiler, as well as soft water equipment, safety valves, sub-cylinder and other accessories. 3, price: should include the cost of steam boilers, boiler accessories and operating costs. 4, security: security is an important factor we need to consider, because safety is the fundamental premise and production. 5, energy: energy saving relationship with our use of cost, but also on the environmental issues of society. 6, the operation: Some boiler control are complex and difficult to put into use, along with it will affect productivity. 7, Service: the event of failure will affect production, even unimaginable destructive appearance, so choose a good after-sales service manufacturers. 8, speed: the speed of start-up speed will also directly affect our production, steam boilers generally are not open every day, if the start time is too long not only a waste of fuel, but also a waste of productive time. 9, brand: a good brand is accumulated by the user reputation, we want to choose the strength of some, but not blindly choose to go to some foreign brands, because these are the basic agent, the problem often is hard to find in the event of service center. One steam boiler user achievements of today's Nuobei Si brand, adhere to customer first, the customer and security interests first, to help solve the problems of how to produce steam supply for industrial gas steam boilers.

Clearance operation of the fludised bed boiler power generation and the channel location step of the design process boiler arranged a height of not less than 2m, and should meet the requirements of height lifting device operation. With no heat pipe conveying flammable liquids, flammable gases, hazardous, corrosive media pipeline laid in the same trench. Gas and liquid fuel conduit should be grounded electrostatic means, when it is a metal pipe material, can be connected to a lightning protection system grounding or electrical wire, not a separate static grounding means.

ZG unveiled its advanced circulating fluidized bed fludised bed boiler power generation that aims to lower fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide footprint by 4 percent.The Advanced CFB boiler utilizes the efficiency of ultra-supercritical steam conditions and the flexibility of circulating fluidized beds. the boiler provided customers in coal-rich markets with the opportunity to reduce operating costs and increase output.

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