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Detailed practices currently vacuum hot water food processing hot water vacuum boiler dealer, with the heating season approaching, vacuum hot water boiler is a more commonly used on the market, Now, Xiao Bian led the crowd in a simple understanding of its practices in order to facilitate our normal security operating. (1) Before starting the boiler, to check the tightness of the boiler, view each of the elements is in a safe operation and a normal state. (2) After the boiler is enabled to run real-time monitoring of the state of the vacuum hot water boiler, once the abnormal operation and timely analysis of causes and take corresponding measures to adjust. Ensure the operation of the boiler thermal efficiency (low power, high thermal efficiency, low cost), safe operation and so on. (3) to promptly boiler maintenance shutdown at the time, to ensure the boiler installation site clean and dry and well ventilated to avoid moisture boiler, unnecessary corrosion phenomenon. (4) boiler operating personnel to go through professional training, strict operating procedures, ensure proper running smoothly. In summary, the process of performing the operation, the normal operation of compliance, vacuum hot water boiler to ensure safe operation, it is put into institutions, cost rationalization obtained in the unit time, the effect of rationalization of production.

Combined with "263 Action Plan" introduced in Jiangsu Province, improve the ecological environment quality, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province High-tech Zone Branch Market Authority xixiashu again organize the use of coal-fired food processing hot water vacuum boiler dealer units in the area to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

The inspection strengthen the investigation of the case of coal-fired boilers small bathroom, after examination, found that the use of coal-fired boilers within the jurisdiction of the bathroom has been updated for biomass fuel boilers. But when Huaqing Pool bathroom boiler inspection, found that although their water heating boiler has been replaced by biomass fuel boilers, but the phenomenon is still using coal as a raw material existence. Xixiashu Branch inspectors immediately to advise the town of environmental protection departments, and environmental protection departments to strengthen the joint inspection of the bathroom usage boiler safety problems one by one investigation to correct non-compliance.

Effect of food processing hot water vacuum boiler dealer efficiency vacuum indicators are carrying a group of Chinese incentive impressive motion coal to natural gas using a vacuum boiler fouling greatly reduces contamination, together with nitrogen oxides and other hazardous discharge gas compression is obtained. Efficiency is a key indicator of a measure of navigation vacuum boiler, behind a number of incentives to explore under the influence of vacuum boiler efficiency indicators. Through the relevant departments of the test, vacuum heat loss from the boiler of the more important of two parts: the air combustion and emissions related to smoke than heat loss unreasonable. Reducing the particulate emission can be retrofitted chimney heat loss in the waste heat boiler vacuo reused tail configuration, or using more advanced functions FGR boiler. Decomposition ratio of the combustion air fully unsuitable unreasonable: conventional vacuum ejector boiler combustion engine, air-fuel ratio resulting in no way be flexibly adjusted. More vacuum boiler using a mechanical blower burner, causing air-fuel ratio unreasonable incentives are the following: the more important air-fuel ratio unreasonable situation can be divided into two kinds: when the airflow too much, there will be countless excess cold It is the action of heat, causing increased power consumption vacuum boiler, vacuum low boiler efficiency index; when the airflow is not enough, there will be incomplete burning was caused by low boiler efficiency index in vacuo.

Vacuum hot water food processing hot water vacuum boiler dealer fuel gas vaporized to produce vaporized overtemperature problems reasons vacuum hot water boiler fuel gas, there are two major surfaces, one is vaporized over temperature, there is a is a partial vaporization, the causes leading to also have different, corresponding solutions are different. If the fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler heating system and hot water circulation loop gravity, it must be open gravity circulation valve. Because once the system failure caused by constant pressure boiler pressure device or system to reduce leakage, the position will not be caused by pressure vaporization system. After this case should an emergency shutdown immediately, and quickly identify the reasons, causing the system pressure to be reduced to exclude faults, the need to make the system running for some time in the cold state, until constant pressure returned to normal in order to determine the role of put into operation again. The local boiler vaporization problems are likely because of poor internal fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler water circulation conditions, the presence of water stagnation zone, tube angle is too small, the water velocity is too low and so on; there may be a forced circulation boiler (back the introduction of improper water distribution pipe layout, flow maldistribution caused when the fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler occur more serious pot of water vapor, combustion equipment should be stopped, but the circulating pump should continue to run at the same time open the occurrence of vaporization backwater valve circuit, to increase the flow of water. when the water hammer tube disappears before gradually returning operation of the combustion equipment.

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