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Gas-fired fossil fuel combustion systems boiler feed pump selection method! Water pump is the main equipment of gas-fired boiler, which is mainly used to replenish water of boiler to meet the normal water demand of boiler. The type selection of water pump mainly determines its flow rate and head. The specific introduction is as follows: 1, the flow calculation of feed pump: Q = k (Q1Q2): the flow rate of Q-boiler feed pump, m3 / h; Q1-Total water supply at maximum steam load for boilers, m3 / h; Q2-other water consumption, such as continuous discharge, periodic discharge and thermostat, m3 / h; k-standby factor 1. 1 ~ 1. 2.2, calculation of feed pump head of gas-fired boiler: h = H _ 1 H _ 2H _ 3H _ 4: h-boiler feed pump head, m; H _ 1-boiler opening pressure of safety valve under designed pressure, MPa; Resistance of H _ 2-economizer and water supply pipeline system, MPa; H _ 3-difference between the highest and lowest water levels of the water supply system, MPa; H _ 4 & mdash The other. 3, the gas-fired steam boiler feed pump shall be provided with a reserve, and when the maximum feed pump stops operating, the remaining total flow rate shall be able to meet 110% of the water supply required by all operating boilers at the rated evaporation capacity; When the boiler room is equipped with a dewarming device or a heat accumulator, the total flow rate of the feed pump shall be included in its water consumption. 4. One or more boilers with the same steam pressure may choose to operate side by side with two or more feedwater pumps, if the main pipe is used for water supply, Then you can choose two pumps and one backup, then frequency conversion water supply, which not only reduces the consumption of electric energy, but also makes the water supply pressure stable, although the one-time investment is relatively large. However, by means of frequency conversion and energy saving measures, the investment cost can be recovered in 3 years and 4 years. 5. Gas-fired steam boilers use steam-driven feedwater pumps as accident backup pumps. Its flow rate should be able to meet 20% ~ 40% of the water supply required by all operating boilers at rated evaporative capacity. Only when the boiler room with the first-class electric load and the feed pump stop running will not cause the boiler to be short of water, the steam-driven feed water pump may not be installed, and the non-power boiler room of the general industrial enterprise does not have such conditions, so it must be set up. Boiler selection has a direct impact on the boiler water supply system, it should be carefully selected.

SUMMARY time the steam gas steam fossil fuel combustion systems boiler steam boiler of a steam introduction time is the time when the steam boiler in a steam power generating operation to meet the required temperature takes, the shorter the time, the less wasted energy. Two minutes to time out of steam ships steam boiler, a steam boiler polyethylene force only three minutes to steam output. In addition to the steam generating speed benefits of saving energy, but also can improve the equipment needed to run the steam efficiency. These are some of the basic parameters of the steam boiler at the time of selection we encounter, but also qualified for manufacturers, steam boiler quality, technology and other study in particular the purchase process. Some countries also need to understand the regulatory measures for steam boilers.

To comprehensively promote the prevention of air pollution control work, steadily enhance the quality of atmospheric environment, located in the northern part of Heilongjiang Province held a mobilization meeting Sunwu out of small coal-fired fossil fuel combustion systems boilers to May 7.

Conference announced the "2019 Sunwu urban area out of 10 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boiler embodiment."

To promote the elimination of built-up area of ​​small coal-fired boiler work, the relevant departments should strictly follow the higher level requirements, the investigation to find out the use of coal-fired boilers and urban planning area of ​​built-up areas, with their own reality, do a good job to implement; should attach great importance to raise awareness, according to the embodiment and objectives, and take various measures to actively promote the complete phase-out of coal-fired boilers small task; to actively publicize the relevant policies, regulations and requirements to the boiler owners, guided by the responsibility to implement, clear time node . To seek truth from facts, objective science, policy guidance, strict enforcement of the principle, in order to reduce air pollution, improve air quality and protect people's health as the goal, according to the classification regulation, departmental interaction, Duocuobingju, the overall advancement of the process steps to form a government command , business differentiation, market-driven, effective supervision, public participation in new air pollution control mechanisms, to promote the phase-out of coal-fired boilers built-up urban area.

Open steam-gas fossil fuel combustion systems boiler should pay attention to what is good to ensure the production of safe, before we open the gas steam boiler is required to do a lot of preparation, so as to ensure that any problem does not arise. What you need to prepare for it, the following gave us a presentation, so that everyone in the preparation will be much convenient. the first is to pay attention to good to check all gas steam boiler pressure parts case, do not pressure abnormal situation occurs, otherwise open the device will bring the great danger, so pay attention to good, if there are problems to be adjusted after the normal boot device. Second in the open before the gas steam boiler water level is also good to pay attention to the state to see whether the water level inside is normal, no matter how much we have to make the appropriate treatment, do not question the existence of false water level, otherwise the machine at work will bring a lot of problems. the company said the price of stainless steel, in these times to determine a good no problem then turn on the device.

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