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Recently, the Changsha City issued a notice on the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler related documents. Details are as follows:

1, a total transformation time for two years, 2019-2020 years.

2, the transformation range: High-tech Zone, Furong District, Tianxin, Kaifu District, Yuhua District, Yuelu District administrative region, the city of hope Gaotangling Subdistrict high Tong Ling Area, Osan streets Yujia slope Area, Lake Daze in the region ban on burning streets, white sandbar streets, moon Island street, Jinshan bridge street, Golden Park street, Xingsha streets of Changsha County, Hunan Long street, Quantang streets, Langli streets, long queue streets, such as the scope of the existing town of Sha It is not less than 1 ton of steam (greater than or equal to the rated power or hot water boiler, organic heat carrier in the boiler 0.7MW) gas boiler (facility) (boiler equipment including special directory outside the range) low nitrogen unit owners embodiments transformation. Or more areas outside the area of ​​self-implementation.

3, the transformation of the standard limits: the new replacement and overall gas boiler Changsha NOx emission is less than 30mg / Nm³; gas boiler (facility) was transformed with the nitrogen oxides emission concentration of less than 50mg / m³.

4, 2019 Task: In addition to the Furong District, Yuhua District, within a range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban other jurisdictions to start the transformation from June 2019, 50% complete gas-fired boiler (facilities) low nitrogen transformation and complete acceptance.

5, 2020 Tasks: Before the end of October 2020 to complete all gas boilers (facilities) within the range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on low-nitrogen transformation and complete acceptance.

Causes and prevention of chemical plant boiler explosion: causes and preventive measures chemical plant boiler explosion, the explosion occurred in a chemical plant boilers, analyze the causes and preventive measures boiler explosion in a chemical factory, it can all be on the news or on TV saw the explosion of a chemical plant in the news, resulting in a double loss of personnel and property. So, we need to reason and the boiler explosion prevention measures are to have a detailed understanding of. Overpressure rupture boiler operating pressure exceeds the agreed maximum working pressure, the stress exceeds the limit stress component data. Overpressure conditions often fail due to safety relief devices, pressure gauge misalignment, overpressure alarm equipment failure, severe water shortages caused by improper handling incidents. Heat Failure burn hot plate, component damage caused strength decreases. Usually dry because of water shortage. Fouling too thick, there is a pot of water caused by asbestos rubber pull people off other foreign matter such as grease or drum within reason. Caustic embrittlement due to corrosion failure of the element strength. Crack and split by the groove elements alternating stress effect, produce fatigue crack, and the combined effect of etching, opening into a groove-shaped thinned. Water hammer due to damage caused by improper operation of the system soda water hammer, the pressure receiving member was strong effect of additional stress and failure. Repair, renovation unreasonable formation of boiler explosion hazard. Congenital shortcomings planning mistakes, force structure, terms of thermal compensation, the water cycle, timber, strength accounting, security facilities and other serious fault. Making mistakes, wrong information, not according to the drawings, the quality of low-quality welding, heat treatment, such as hydraulic test process standards fault caused. What measures can prevent chemical plant boiler explosion it? Avoid over-pressure approach: a reasonable set, timing alignment, proper security protection in width, pressure gauge, water table; avoid overheating approach: a reasonable set, monitoring, repair, wash water table, avoid water, avoid fouling and foreign object into the grease drum; avoid corrosion measures: water quality objectives should comply with national regulations and standards relevant skills, strengthen the repair and maintenance; avoid groove crack: not cold and hot temperatures, reducing the alternating stress, easy to see from the slot position, timely repair; avoid water hammer: note hydrophobic soda system, adhere to the water level stable. No anomalies water level; strengthen inspection planning, production supervision and inspection repair, renovation of the review, to eliminate potential accidents.

Energy saving circulating fluidized bed takes the principle of stationary design and circulating fluidized bed map as the guide.The theory of material balance and the theory of particle fuel combustion and a more substantial reduction in the total bed stock,thus form the flow pattern based on the re-structure of energy-efficient circulating fluidized bed boiler technology.It represents the latest developments direction of the circulating fluidized bed technology.

When the gas boiler room Gas boiler room gas leak state identification serious leak, the following phenomenon: the working gas pressure changes. In the vicinity of the leak can hear the sound of a strong air flow. Hand-held alarm will be issued abnormal sound. Leakage larger (higher concentration) fixed alarm will sound alarm, automatic opening of the exhaust fan. Boiler or gas pipeline explosion disasters occur in severe cases, fire.

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