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Vacuum hot water boiler manufacturer tells you the trend of its development before the start of the first digression, say thirty blink of an eye we have to go to 80 after the thirties, we tend to consider the issues are becoming increasingly cost-effective, the same way use in a vacuum boiler body is the same, then our future heating vacuum hot water boiler seller should gradually toward which direction to meet the needs of consumers it? Xiao Bian gave you about the river south of the shares of fast production of vacuum boilers cost-effective reasons: 1, vacuum hot water boiler there is no swelling, explosion, risk of rupture, safe and reliable 2, a multi-purpose machine, can provide a boiler for heating water, domestic hot water, pool heating at the same time. 3, the design life of more than 20 years, can be placed in the basement and roof, the state authorities are not limiting. 4, efficient, low cost. 5, no scaling, corrosion and other phenomena. 6, than ordinary boiler small size. Modular and arranged in parallel, more efficient and reasonable operation of the boiler. You can only open when a willfully without having rated heat. 7, high degree of automation, building automation connection, unmanned management. Even if guarded, guards and without an operating license. Minimal training. 8, vacuum hot water boiler is slowly being accepted by all, mainly for civilian use, such as hotels, residential, office, bath centers, schools, shopping malls and other places. So the future of the vacuum boiler trend will gradually be applied to large and small areas, hotels, bathing, or a layer of building only need a small modular vacuum boiler can achieve the effect of four tons of coal-fired boilers, so What is still hesitant to inquire quickly it!

Boiler desulfurization system common faults and solutions (vi) a, filter clogging pressure before the plaster if the circulating pump and discharge pump is too low, the filter is likely to be blocked, the control room will be an alarm signal. In this case, the spare circulation pump must start to alert the circulation pump must be stopped. After stopping operation, process water will automatically clean the filter, the clean, and the circulation pump can be restarted or as a backup. Second, the barrier seal sealing blower fan failure trip operation, the standby seal air fan does not start automatically, report value of the long, come to contact maintenance or fault put into operation as soon as possible. Two seal air fan failure outage and FGD are bypassed, consider a small amount of the original flue gas inlet baffle flue gas leaking into the absorption column, cooling needs, open door water wash demister layer. Third, investment and operation of oil boiler if the boiler and electrostatic precipitator run oil investment is not in use, report the value of long, to withdraw from the unit flue gas in FGD system operation. Fourth, the ESP fault FGD in operation, such as electrostatic precipitators unilateral have two or more electric fault outage, FGD flue dust export amount is greater than 350mg / Nm3, report the value of long, to withdraw from the flue gas unit run FGD system. V. severe fouling FGD flue inlet and a flue severe fouling bypass flue has a certain influence on the normal switching baffle. When FGD system and boiler outage, check and clean up fouling. Six, SO2 removal efficiency and low processing method, the correction SO2 meter 2, 3 corrected pH meter, if possible, an additional layer 4 runs spray level, check the dose limestone slurry; increase the feed amount of limestone slurry; reaction check limestone 5 performance, the number of the circulation pump and the pump output 6 of the checking operation, the operation start waste water (if not running at this time) 7, inspection of GGH seal air fan and fan seven low leakage, high concentrations of absorber slurry processing method, inspection density swirl number of sub-measuring instrument 2, 3 boiler load reduction, reduced boiler load 4, check outlet pressure and flow, start the standby pump 5, an increase of 6 runs, to check the cast pump discharge pressure and flow outlet 7, the cyclone cleaning gypsum 8, check the concentration measuring instrument 9, the concentration of eight, the vacuum belt conveyor system troubleshooting cyclone underflow (1) Symptom 1, the slurry feed is less than 2, the vacuum seal water flow is less than 3, the offset track belt 4, pump failure 5, a vacuum line system leaks 6, 7 dust concentration is high, breakage 8 with wear, abnormal belt conveyor belt speed (2) processing method, check valve opening to enhance feed 2, check cloth Washing pump 3, the belt deviation control module 4 checks, check the vacuum pump 5, a vacuum line to see whether there are 6 different sound, the control module 7 checks cake thickness, filter cloth tensioning case 8 check, inspection, operation of belt conveyor

Diqing in Yunnan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in Pulang copper mining, site selection, sales and other items. As we all know, in the copper smelting process, it consumes a lot of electricity and thermal power resources, which account for most of the hot water consumption. Combined with the actual demand Diqing company, to provide fast Boiler 1 stage electric heating hot water boiler of 2.1MW.

Henan party fast fuel gas boiler characteristics of vacuum - What are the main characteristics of the vacuum boiler Henan party fast heating vacuum hot water boiler seller: the so-called fast Henan square vacuum hot water boiler, also known as Henan party fast phase-change vacuum hot water boiler. Inside the medium pressure in the boiler is lower than atmospheric pressure refers to the normal operation, the boiler is heated by a cold phase change heat mode. ①, do not need to monitor the installation, the installation can be used; ②, a machine, saving investment; ③, non-corrosive (oxygen-free state in a vacuum), no cracks, no scars drum, not squib, long life (using the minimum strength is generally not less than 20 years life); ④, low failure rate, saving management costs; ⑤, lower than atmospheric pressure work, high safety; ⑥, using brass, stainless steel tube heat exchanger, sanitary water; ⑦, lower than normal operating temperature of the boiler, the heat exchanger temperature and pressure, high thermal efficiency, energy saving; ⑧, microcomputer control, a high degree of automation.

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