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China Dunhuang International Hotel relevant responsible person said, party fast or aftermarket both in pre-sales, remained consistent patient service, we have solved many difficult problems, with fast boiler, we are assured. --customer feedback

Electric boiler power factor and power factor saving tips electric boiler electric boiler heating and power-saving tips clean and comfortable, easy to install and use, the use of electric boilers more and more users. Allowing you to enjoy the warmth and comfort, while saving you the cost savings. What about the factors that affect the electrical power consumption of the boiler, what does? So how should we save power consumption it? First, electric power boiler reasons. Electric power boilers, mainly due to poor performance of insulation and improper use. Improper use, need not have electricity or less electricity can Shique still more than electricity, electricity will increase a lot, of course. Large electric boiler consumption factors: 1, the height of your building interior. 2, set the level of indoor heating temperature. 3, the number of layers towards the bedroom. 4, the outdoor temperature. 5, whether Heating surroundings next room. 6, bedroom doors insulation effect. 7, wall insulation condition of the house. 8, the user uses the method or the like. 1 electric boiler power-saving techniques, electric power boiler configuration to be reasonable. Power configuration is too large too small will not work, but too much power configuration but did not tip over electrical power configuration and more. Power configuration is too small, electric boiler reaches the set temperature and continue to work, but the total can not set up temperature. This is because the electric heat boiler to fill the room the room is smaller than the amount of heat loss, room temperature slow and obvious, not only a waste of electricity, but also hit a comfortable heating effect. 2, who is not running at low temperature. Electric boiler system has a thermal inertia, can not be raised immediately open, close, you can not immediately cool. People are not at home, to lower the temperature, rather than shut down the system, or for long periods at home when it is required to shut down the electric boiler. 3, rational use of peak power. Valley Electric during the night, a slight temperature increase, even with the heat storage tank, Bai Tianfeng electricity, the temperature down. 4, to do house insulation measures. Good insulation possible to prevent excessive heat loss can not have appreciable gap windows, window control is preferably combined with the bilayer glass, wall insulation good energy saving effect can be significant. 5, choose the regular manufacturers of electric boiler products, quality assurance, reasonable use properly, can achieve maximum energy savings.

Thirty tons SZS how much german steam boiler cap 1tons Price: thirty tons SZS Steam Boiler how much the current price for szs water tube boiler, a lot of the plant requires a lot of numbers are tonnage, after all, industrial plant and production capacity are greatly Relationship. At present, the basic use SZS water-tube boilers are large plants of the plant. So, for how much the number of water-tube boilers suitable tonnage, as well as the price of the boiler number of specific tonnage are business concerns. Currently, szs price thirty tons of steam boiler fast boiler at about 3.2 million, for the enterprise, the boiler must be to choose the high cost of business, so, after a preliminary screening of the companies have chosen to fast Boiler detailed consultation. Changzhou SZS how much the price of gas steam boiler

Brief gas boiler equipment service life and design gas boiler device has its own life, but for some of the old boiler is concerned, we should pay attention to is their adaptation has exceeded his useful life, and people just look It will also be able to continue to use, thus increasing the security risks of the gas boiler equipment may result in unexpected consequences, so there have been gas-fired boiler, its long service life compared to the old. Gas boiler equipment life: no matter what things are have their own life, if the life of the boiler is relatively long, severe corrosion of pressure parts, knot dirt, etc. are overheating will increase security risks. And on the gas boiler equipment now using a good solution to the above problem, the furnace burning natural gas will not cause dirt, temperature can be adjusted without causing overheating so greatly improve the life of the boiler through the display. Gas boiler equipment design: gas boiler equipment during design time, care must be taken to take into account the natural gas burning when the flame height and diameter of the furnace space is good and the set of natural gas, furnace so that the flame does not scour the surface, reducing for damage to the furnace surface, improving efficiency while also protecting the furnace wall, this design is very good. Then, regarding the gas boiler, during which time it is used, because the well-designed to improve the life of the boiler itself, so that will not only very economical, but also very affordable, also after this gas boiler equipment We can be very good supply, to achieve a good role boiler. The gas boiler using high, so the produced gas boiler this area is relatively small, simple and does not require special operation, pressing a button on all of the gas boiler equipment is also able to automatically run. Gas-fired boiler at the time of actual use, because they are not coal-fired boiler, so there is no need for a variety of security documents.

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