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glass kiln waste heat boiler combustion

WNS series condensing gas glass kiln waste heat boiler combustion, which is very energy-saving effect is prominent feature of saving two devices arranged on the boiler, are ND steel, energy-saving effect, low exhaust gas temperature employed.

Currently, glass kiln waste heat boiler combustion blowdown can be used on a regular basis or continuous sewage discharge, in two ways.

Continuous blowdown: also called surface discharge is continuously draw off a portion of the boiler water, the purpose is to let go of the salt was dissolved in water and the pan pot water surface float.

2, steam glass kiln waste heat boiler combustion pressure changes cause explosion

Steam boiler has a rated working pressure, running over the rated pressure steam boiler becomes unsafe. If the relief valve and pressure gauge failed to work properly, it may cause the explosion of steam boilers.

Special equipment to do the field work safety supervision, to further improve the glass kiln waste heat boiler combustion enterprise security management, implementation of corporate safety responsibility; March 13, Gaomi City, Shandong Province Security Committee held a boiler corporate safety training sessions. The meeting was attended Market Authority official in charge of the business section chief; towns full-time deputy director of the Office of District Administration of Work Safety; 402 boiler business person in charge, the Boilermakers; 157 appliances can replace the user responsible for the project.

The meeting of business leaders and boiler related use Boilermakers were safe to use boilers special training. At the meeting, Municipal Emergency Bureau is mainly responsible for a speech, requires the use of boilers enterprises to strengthen security awareness of employees, improve the professional level of employees, establish and improve mechanisms to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

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