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Fast one side condensing boiler steam condensate integrally advanced technology, with high efficiency, appearance, durable, cost savings, reduced noise, low nitrogen environmental advantages; self-developed by use of flue gas condenser waste heat boiler greatly increased thermal efficiency, while reducing emissions of harmful substances, can save a lot of fuel, compared with ordinary boilers, the average annual fuel cost savings of several million. Fast and well-equipped boiler unique cloud service 3.0 system, through remote monitoring of boiler operation, all-round ensure the safe operation of boiler.

Fang fast in doing gas boiler hot water engineering projects, has many years of industry experience. Since its establishment in 1998, the customer's partnership with more than 80000+, is engineering customers trusted and cooperation in high-quality brand.

What are the skills of the boiler in use The unit of use shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the boiler and the requirements of the factory instructions, make clear which performance indicators of the heat transfer fluid shall be analyzed at intervals, but shall at least deal with the residual carbon (≤ 1.5%) of the heat transfer fluid every year. The acid value (0.5 mg KoH / g) viscosity (change should be ≤ 15%), flash point (change should be ≤ 20%) were analyzed. When the two analyses were not up to standard or the content of decomposition component of heat carrier was more than 10%, the measures such as replacement and regeneration should be taken in time. 2. Heat transfer fluids must be dehydrated before they can be used. Different heat conduction The liquid is not suitable for mixed use. When mixed use is required, the heat transfer fluid production unit should provide the requirements of mixing conditions before mixing. 3. The high service temperature of the unit heat transfer fluid, the large temperature difference between the outlet and the return fluid and the high allowable temperature of the heat conduction fluid in the expander (not exceeding 70 ℃ to avoid oxidation) shall be specified, and there shall be a corresponding regulating and protecting device. 4. Man-made mixed water, acid, alkali and other impurities are strictly prohibited. Specifies the interval between cleaning filters.

Second, the shutdown maintenance and corrosion

1. boiler after shutdown, in order to prevent corrosion of the pot must be maintained.

2. Short-term maintenance. Wet regimen employed; i.e. after the shutdown, the water will fill the furnace, the entire exhaust air.

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