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Small gas heat pipe pressure solar boiler system practices: the main scope of small gas boilers Did you know? Fast boiler combined with years of industry experience and a lot of information, you summed up the following, to help you be more clear understanding of this type of boiler.

21MW YQL gas-fired thermal oil heater for chemical industryThermal oil heater is used to provide heat energy for the reaction and fractionation process of residual oil hydrogenation in chemical industry. Shandong Guangyue Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new comprehensive chemical enterprise, which is engaged in petroleum processing, warehousing logistics and international trade services. The construction of its second project starts in 2018, planning to build 1.6 million tons residual oil hydrogenation each year. ZOZEN has rich experience in chemical industry. ZOZEN’s manufacturing technology of thermal oil heater is unique and inimitable, ensuring the high quality of heat pipe pressure solar boiler systems. After professional explanation by ZOZEN’s engineer, this project leader ordered one set of 21 MW YQL series gas-fired thermal oil heater. This thermal oil heater adopts multi-return coil tube design, which features safer operation, sufficient heating surface and 95% thermal efficiency. It is also equipped with low nitrogen burner for energy saving and environmental protection.

Our company in the choice of heat pipe pressure solar boiler system products, attaches great importance to the quality of emissions and steam boilers, boiler low emissions of pollutants party provides fast, good steam quality is superior boiler products. --customer feedback

Today, a simple look at the hot water heat pipe pressure solar boiler system workflow.

Simply and generally speaking, the boiler is the main working process on fuel combustion, heat transfer, water heating and vaporization, steam superheating, and so on. The whole boiler is composed of boiler body and auxiliary equipment. Boiler Noumenon: boiler body is the main part of boiler equipment, is composed of "pot" and "furnace" two parts.

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