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Matters pressure hot water heating boiler water corrosion chemicals use to note what pressure hot water boiler is the device of choice for many heating boiler units, its high safety indicators. The main reason for the boiler has a top vent, furnace pressure consistently with the outside atmospheric pressure, normal use will not harm the explosion occurred. However, some users do not have to fully understand the atmospheric hot water boiler, tend to ignore the many precautions, leading to accidents in the actual operation of the boiler. Here are some questions fast boiler arranged atmospheric pressure hot water boiler in the safe use should be avoided, and I hope for your help. 1, when the atmospheric pressure by some users will directly use the water closed loop boiler or heating system, boiler atmospheric exhaust pipe and a return pipe considered, it may be easier for users, but this time the boiler full water pressure in a very dangerous state. This loop has two hazards: First, when the boiler water temperature is too high, the steam produced can not be discharged from the furnace, the pressure in the furnace continues to rise, explosions and spills may occur at any time. 2, pressure hot water boilers into steam boilers some users to atmospheric steam boiler hot water boiler, the exhaust pipe is directly mounted on the boiler, a control valve mounted on the exhaust pipe, some users will be a control valve mounted on the exhaust pipe, installed directly from the boiler hot water bath with boiling water or a control valve, which is why the boiler operation unsafe. If you close the control valve in the boiler operation, in the case of increasing pressure, ordinary pressure hot water boiler is prone to explosion, the consequences are very serious. 3, the rapid development of product quality varied atmospheres of hot water boiler manufacturing and gradually led to an oversupply of the market, resulting in some factory price positioning of the distress is not good, some manufacturers technical weakness, poor manufacturing quality, even cut corners. Use of the boiler had a negative impact. Design, manufacture, installation and operational atmospheric hot water boiler is safe and reliable factors affecting boiler. In order to stabilize atmospheric hot water boiler running on the user site security, we should pay attention to the following questions. (1) design and manufacture of boiler pressure hot water boiler departments should conduct in-depth research. The combustion, heat transfer, air and flue gas flow, hydrodynamic properties, adapted to the design of the boiler pressure and atmospheric pressure operation of the heating system. Ensure atmospheric pressure hot water boiler can maintain atmospheric pressure or slightly under any circumstances; (2) R & D and boiler characteristics adapted to a stable and reliable control system, pressure hot water boiler heating system to ensure safe and reliable operation; (3) establish boiler management systems, training furnace workers, avoiding major accidents due to the low level of operation and improper operation caused.

Henan gas heating boiler water corrosion chemicals maintenance (a) 1, Henan gas boiler and its subordinate parts must be complete, the material meets the design requirements. 2, the operator shall, after examination certificates, to do the "four know" "Three Meetings" (that is to understand the structure, understand the principle, understand the performance, understand the purpose; will be used, will be maintenance, will be troubleshooting). 3, strictly enforce pot Henan gas boiler rules to ensure import and export of materials of temperature, pressure and flow control within the operating indicators, to prevent drastic changes, and fill out the log; non-super-temperature, over-pressure operation. 4, Henan pot gas boiler in operation, the operator shall post operation requirements of the law, timing, location, alignment inspection tour, less than twice per shift. Check content: 4.1 parts of the temperature of each gas boiler Henan, pressure is normal; 4.2 Henan gas boiler operation without abnormal noise and leakage; 4.3 fastening bolt connecting member are complete, and reliable; departments instruments and safety devices to meet the requirements and found defects in a timely manner to eliminate; 4.4 Henan gas boiler and pipe insulation attachment is intact. 5, ground wipe, wash clean, tidy Henan gas boiler equipment and the environment, so that no dirt, no garbage, no leakage. 6, do maintenance work during the Henan gas boiler outage, maintenance wet or dry maintenance depending on the circumstances, under normal circumstances, a shorter downtime when wet maintenance, downtime reach six months or longer when a dry maintenance time.

Excellent configuration: Supporting world famous burners, advanced control systems (the main original components are imported parts), valves and pumps all adopt national high-quality products, excellent heating boiler water corrosion chemicals accessories configuration for the safe and stable operation of the boiler to provide a strong guarantee.

Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Government issued the latest "2018 ~ 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" (the "Program"), "plan" put forward specific remediation requirements: the city's 65 steam tons / hour and above the basic realization of coal-fired heating boiler water corrosion chemicalss coal-fired power plant ultra-low emission standards, the development of energy-saving and ultra-low emissions rehabilitation programs for 65 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boilers, the implementation started after the end of the heating season. Before the end of this year, within the city basically eliminated 35 tons of steam / h and coal-fired boilers of 25 iron and steel industrial enterprises discharge waste depths of governance, the basic completion of the iron and steel, building materials, thermal power, coking, casting and other key industries and coal-fired boiler fugitive emissions control.

"Plan" the implementation process to uphold the objectives warm winter and clean heating double standards, combined with the actual development of coal-fired boiler rehabilitation programs, to ensure completion before the end of the year 206,100 rural residents to use clean energy alternative to coal for combustion. Guidelines established after the first break, for the substitution of gas for coal to electricity instead of coal and other alternatives, in the case of gas supply, power supply is not implemented, the existing heating facilities will not be dismantled until the gas supply, power supply after the successful implementation be removed. And to develop high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban zoning adjustment programs, complete with electricity instead of coal, substitution of gas for coal in the region included the range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban. For failure to implement the heating area clean, good smokeless coal tender, production, supply, to ensure smokeless coal substitute the existing polluting large coal-fired boilers. Among them, before the heating period to complete large-scale centralized distribution, heating Doing the fragmented coal blending, before the end of December 2018, the actual realization of bulk coal dealers cleared.

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