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How to buy gas steam heating fuel normal pressure boiler dealer price pressure vessel: How to buy gas steam boiler pressure vessel, storage tank is commonly used in industry for purifying and air contraction of industrial equipment, is also one of the national special equipment safety strict supervision. In order to be able to ensure the safety and ease of use, we will buy and how to choose a safe and assured gas tank it? Summed up in five steps. First look at the design pressure and the design pressure of selection to meet the requirements, followed by the selection meet the requirements, the material thickness to the requirements on it. Do not just view the proposed selection price, low price usually possible to cut corners, of course, the proposed election of a number of credit good manufacturers of products. Today gas tank brands on the market is very complex, there is the safety factor design pressure vessels, also has a safety valve on the pressure vessel. Moreover, China's pressure vessel design standard is inherently more conservative than abroad. So the pressure vessel use in general is very safe. We should choose large enterprises, well-known brand products.

Recently, the vice governor of Henan provincial government, Comrade He Jinping and his party, accompanied by the main leaders of Anyang City, to visit our company for investigation and guidance. Accompanied by the Group Chairman Mr. Lu Haiqing Luhai Gang and Mr. President, R & D Center Exhibition Hall and cleaning heating fuel normal pressure boiler dealer prices Laboratories plain plant were overall investigation. We came to the R & D Center Exhibition Hall, the research group members have been attracted to the science of video technology products, stop listening to the president on corporate R & D, manufacturing scientific products situation report.

Heating area 2 tons electric water heating fuel normal pressure boiler dealer price is how much? More adequate power resources in place, under normal circumstances, would choose electric boilers, electric boilers commonly used electric hot water and electric steam boilers. Here we look at the small taping, heating area 2 tons electric water boiler is how much? In general, in an ideal state, an area of ​​1 ton electric heating hot water boiler is about 10,000 square meters, then, no doubt, two tons compared to 20,000 square meters. Of course, to be based on the actual situation or specific site depending on boiler. For example, better insulation for buildings and facilities conditions are more convenient place, it is possible to approach or reach this heating area, however, if the scene of the high altitude, poor building insulation effects, it is basically not reached up to 20,000 square meters. Therefore, the heating area 2 tons electric water boiler is not possible to generalize the absolute, depending on the actual site conditions, under normal circumstances, Zhengzhou party fast electric water boiler product under normal conditions, can reach 15000-20000 square meters the heating area, of course, different manufacturers of the specific technical conditions are not the same, the data for internal reference.

Oil-fired heating fuel normal pressure boiler dealer price oil-fired boiler in Sheung Shui procedures ready for operation under cold circumstances, we must first understand the boiler water filling system without fault, and therefore should be done before firing boiler water filling trials to test boiler water filling system is normal, pipeline The valve leaks. Sheung Shui basic procedures: (1) upon inspection of boiler meet the operational requirements, in order to carry out work in Sheung Shui boilers; before (2) Sheung Shui, you must get in touch with the boiler water quality testing staff to ensure that water treatment is working properly, to avoid affecting boiler Sheung; (3) open the power, boiler exhaust valve opening, to start the pump, check the water pressure is greater than the working pressure of the boiler fuel, to open the valve, to boiler Feed; (4) while the boiler Feed, open sewage drain valve, drain valve open inside, the outside open the drain valve, the drain valve closing the outside, inside the drain valve closed, 2nd outer opening the drain valve, 2nd outer drain valve closed, after rinsing pot, close the drain valve to continue the boiler water filling; (5) the pot water level reaches the normal level, to turn off the water supply pump is stopped, the exhaust valves; (6) for water drainage test table, the drain valve open water table, the water table confirm normal, closed water gauge release valve, wait ignition. These are the basic operating procedures of the oil-fired boiler we hope for their own lives and property of others and strict adherence Of course, if you have anything unclear our online customer service always welcome your online consultation.

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