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*Automatic Acoustic Sootblowers

The sootblowers is ZG Boiler patented technology and it effectively reduces the pollution of fly ash on the boiler heating surface, so that the maximum extension of the life of the boiler, ensure boiler efficiency, to solve the traditional boiler disadvantages of pressure parts damage, wear and tear easily by rapping cleaning or steam soot blowing.

Method to extend the life of the heating system hot water boiler notes hot water boiler to extend the life of the first method, the use of boilers in time, because it is a hot water boiler, then, in which the boiler, it must contain a lot of water, until the water does not have, which when you need to replenish moisture, but note that the supplement does not require a one-time large amounts of water, you only need to add each time, less add some on it. And among replenishment process, in order to prevent the occurrence of corrosion of hot water boiler furnace, then add water at the time, adding some oxygen-free water directly entered, it will be better. Second, if you want to be able to better protect the hot water boiler, this time, we need to be professional trisodium phosphate and sodium sulfite added directly to it. Not only maintenance required for use in the process, when not in use is the same need for maintenance, and disabling a long time, it would have to be more concerned about the maintenance issues. While maintenance time, different downtime, required maintenance method is not the same.

What advantages does the gas heating system hot water boiler notes in the industry? What advantages does the gas hot water boiler in the industry? Boiler used to be a symbol of the industrial age, but with the passage of time, this old product of the industrial age has been difficult to fully meet the needs of modern enterprises, then the face of ailing businesses a boiler exactly how to solve it? Gas boiler can help you solve the problem! In general there are several common diseases boiler, environmental protection is not expensive, unsafe dangerous, need someone to manage a large floor space, the use of cumbersome need to apply for a variety of security documents. However, different gas hot water boiler, gas boiler costly because not environmentally friendly, gas-fired boiler uses a combustible gas, no pollution emissions. And is equipped with intelligent pressure control, do not worry about the risk of explosion or carbon dioxide poisoning. Use high gas hot water boiler, so that a small area created by the gas boiler, the operation is simple and does not require special operation, pressing a button on all automatic operation. Because it is not gas-fired boiler, so I do not need to apply for a variety of security documents.

Recently, Luoyang City, Henan Province, pollution prevention campaign of the leading group issued a document required to carry out the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler. Specific content: 10 before the end of the year, within the city steam 4 tons / hour and a gas boiler, and above all the installation of direct-fired burners low nitrogen, 3.5% oxygen in the transformation reference, more than 75% boiler load condition next, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration not higher than 5 mg / m, 10 mg / m, 50 mg / m. To complete the transformation of nitrogen oxide emissions monitoring, to wriggle out of the gas boiler outage low nitrogen transformation. After the new gas boiler should be installed low nitrogen burners.

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