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High efficiency China steam boilers

Objective 6 tons of gas high efficiency china steam boilers for low NOX combustion of natural gas steam boiler low NOx combustion is to improve the boiler efficiency, reduce air pollution emissions. Gas previous four stages in industrial applications: The first stage: the degree of understanding of the nitrogen oxides is not high, I do not know what will bring harm. The second stage: the beginning of the use of staged combustion to reduce the formation of NOX, this technology has been widely promoted in several countries. Third Stage: The staged combustion and flue gas recirculation are combined. The fourth stage: As emission standards, the industry for improved combustion technology, to staged combustion, flue gas recirculation of FGR, and the like based on a premixed low NOx combustion technologies.

Inter-regional Pingdingshan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. by the Pingdingshan Shenma Group and two Chinese top 500 enterprises founded by restructuring, cross-industry, cross-ownership and transnational business of large state-owned energy and chemical group, under the People's Government of Henan Province , is the most complete variety of coking coal, thermal coal production base, has Asia's largest chemical production base in nylon. Carefully selected and comparison, fast boiler Pingmei cooperation with party has chosen to provide a 2 tons of steam electric high efficiency china steam boilers (WDR2.0-1.25-II) by a fast side.

Analysis of gas boiler flue gas temperature reduction effect gas boiler exhaust gas temperature of the flue gas dispersed drop impact profiling high efficiency china steam boilers flue gas contains much sensible heat and latent heat, plenty of flue gas using heat power consumption can be reduced, and the end pollutant emission reduction. Higher natural gas boiler flue gas moisture content, water vapor condensation process will release a lot of latent heat of vaporization, a lot of water occur together, and less impurities in natural gas, condensed water is relatively clean, so flue gas waste heat recovery of natural gas has become a hot research . In the heating system, gas-fired boiler flue gas heat recovery can adopt different skills roads. The most common is the addition of the condensing heat exchanger in the practice of tail gas boiler, heat transfer in this area of ​​research include theoretical and experimental research [1-4], enhanced heat transfer and corrosion research [5-7], condensation heat transfer equipment use equipment development and demonstration projects, etc. [8-9]. Boiler flue gas at a dew point of about 55 ℃ (excess air coefficient 1.15), only the heating medium temperature of less than 55 ℃ ability to recover the heat of condensation in the flue gas heat recovery better effect even at 30 deg.] C or less competence . In the category of central heating, hot net return water temperature above 50 ℃, and therefore can not recover the full flue gas condensation heat. This additional condensing heat exchanger directly in the tail gas boiler often only way to recover some of the latent heat of flue gas condensation heat is not the end of the depth to recover.

I do not know how to buy electric boiler operation? This article will tell you! Electric boiler in power for energy conversion system by converting it into heat, the final output device having a certain heat boiler steam, hot water outward. Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, no noise, no pollution, moveable good characteristics, loved by the users. But many users after the purchase of an electric boiler but we do not know how to properly operate fast boiler boiler manufacturer, specializing in the production of electric boilers for your free guide. 1, a check of all fastening and electrical terminals, comprising a distribution cabinet, the control cabinet all points on the wiring and a heating group. And also pay attention to tightening in the late run electric boiler. 2, check the boiler, pumps, water level, pressure gauges, water level sensors, safety valves and piping, make sure everything is right. 3, each check valve switch is in the correct position, the drain valve is in the closed state. 1, after power is turned into the real-time monitoring interface, click on the "manual operation" manually selectable interface after entering the pump. When the electric boiler in a dry state, enter the manual interface, select the pump manually. Interface will appear a pre-pay option to jog, jog replenishment.

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