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First, using a plurality of condensing high pressure steam injection boiler design pattern section, which mounting structure is simple, flexible use, easy: the so-called condensing boiler module is equivalent to split the original single large boiler dry N plurality of small boilers. Simply put this is through the boiler in the number of "simple parallel combination" can reach the size of any single boiler, so many users choose to use this status quo condensing boilers to replace all types of heating and hot water boilers. Second, to reduce the maintenance costs of the boiler: condensing boiler heating system, including its internal control system and automatic gas control system, no working system can achieve a high degree of artificial effect, greatly reducing labor costs. In modern management which, in modern society, manipulation and burning a large part of the cost of the boiler is rising labor costs, while reducing the output of condensing boilers just labor costs. And condensing boiler through continuous optimization of design, process design condensing boiler, matching equipment level to a new level, to enable them to better serve the industrial production. Third, the design of compact condensing boilers, installation is very convenient, and its actual footprint is smaller: smaller storage capacity condensing boiler, the temperature heats up very quickly, only a few seconds, no excess heat loss.

Exhaust gas has been plagued by sewage paper industry, paper industry pollution problems of the country very seriously. Fujian Heng paper packaging company has been committed to the use of clean-type high pressure steam injection boiler paper processing. October 22, 2016, David Carse, the paper with my company, signed a 6 tons of steam an integral condensing steam boiler for the production of corrugated cardboard and other paper products. I provided the boiler greatly solve the problem of sewage wastewater Heng paper. After the boiler operation, both to meet local environmental requirements, but also reduce operating costs for the constant boiler paper products.

The pointing guide municipal environmental protection department, Wyatt can feel fit and wide use of liquefied natural sand high pressure steam injection boilers produce of the land. According to speculation in advance, and that the appropriate use of liquefied natural sand boiler produces steam generated compared to gather steam power plant joint venture to buy North will increase by nearly 500 million in operating costs, the company will cause great economic burden. However, according to Kwong Yue greater good environmental policy and higher level departments, in order to protect the environment as any, immediately carry out technological transformation, liquefied sand boiler invested more than 100 million building naturally occurring.

The way to recover condensate from Boiler

how to recycle: The boiler condensate recovery system recovers the high-temperature condensate discharged from the steam system, which can maximize the utilization of the heat of the condensed water, save water and save fuel. Condensate recovery systems can be broadly classified into open recovery systems and closed recovery systems.

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